5 Awesome Ride-On Toys for Kids

April 25, 2017 13 By EngineerMommy

With two kids under the age of five, I am very familiar with toys. Over the last few years, we have had almost every category of toy imaginable: educational toys, outdoor toys, musical toys, ride-on toys and so much more. Ride-on toys are some of our favorite types of toys. I love that it encourages the kids to improve their sense of balance, motor coordination and physical strength.

So here are some of our favorite ride-on toys that we have owned and loved over the last few years.

5 Awesome Ride-On Toys for Kids


1. Wagons:
These are also known as pull toys. They look just like the wagon that is pulled by a farm animal. Wagons like these let the kids sit inside and the parent pulls the wagon along. This builds the child’s sense of balance. Alternatively, if the child is the one pulling the wagon (perhaps carrying their favorite stuffed animal inside), they can improve their leg and arm strength.

2. Scooters:
Did you know that learning to ride a scooter is usually the first step in learning to ride a bicycle? Scooters typically feature two wheels attached to a wide deck with a handle bar. These encourage kids to develop a sense of balance. Kick scooters let kids propel themselves along the sidewalk using their foot, while electric scooters like these are motorized.

3. Roller Skates:
We are all familiar with traditional roller skates. I used to have a few pairs when I was a kid and my five year old now has a pair that she absolutely loves. You can simply slide your feet into the skates and tighten the safety straps. My daughter has a pair of skates that features her favorite characters. As with most ride-on toys, it’s important to practice safe riding- always encourage your child to wear a helmet and elbow/knee pads.

4. Big Wheels:
Another great ride-on toy for kids is the Big Wheel. It’s similar to a tricycle but it has an exceptionally large front tire. Kids have to pedal to move this toy so it’s great for building muscle strength in the legs. Close friends of ours had this toy and my kids absolutely loved playing with their Big Wheel toy.

5. Electric Cars:
This is the coolest ride-on toy for kids in my opinion. These cars are offered in different designs and are typically modeled after real car models on the road, such as this Mercedes model. They have engines, suspension systems and braking systems. This is definitely a must-have toy for the kid that seems to have everything!

I hope this list has inspired you. Tell me: Which ride-on toy is your favorite? Are you planning on purchasing any of these types of toys for your kids?

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