5 Daily Habits of Successful Women

February 21, 2016 4 By EngineerMommy

Ever wonder why some people find so much success in their lives? Sometimes it can definitely be luck, but it often involves a certain amount of dedication, planning and persistence. So I thought it would be fun – and very interesting – to compile a list of daily traits that are common to successful women. Some of these make total sense, and I’ll definitely be adding many of these habits to my daily routine!

Daily Habits of Successful Women

5 Daily Habits of Highly Successful Women

5 Daily Habits of Highly Successful Women

1. Wake up early! It makes sense that people who are successful also tend to be early risers. When you wake up early, you find more time in the day to accomplish all your tasks and even find more time to plan & strategize!

I’ve always been an early bird. My body naturally wakes up after about 6-7 hours of sleep. It is what it is. My husband would happily sleep until noon, but I cannot let the morning go to waste like that. I love rising early in the day, planning our activities and sipping some quiet tea alone.

2. Seek balance! In order to be at maximum efficiency at work, one needs to have a balanced lifestyle. This means it’s crucial to spend some time on doing non-work activities, such as spending time with family/friends, meditating, relaxing, shopping, etc. Finding enough personal time is a key component of obtaining a balanced lifestyle.

Finding balance in my lifestyle has been a constant struggle for me. When I was in college and grad school, I was equally unbalanced in this way. I would focus on studying for hours and hours on end. Now as a full-time blogger, I also struggle with this sometimes. It can be so easy to sit at the computer for hours and hours, perfecting that last post, promoting on social media and networking with other bloggers. The work as a blogger never really ends!

3. Exercise often! Most successful people definitely do exercise on a regular basis. Not only is it heart-healthy, but it also boosts the mind’s alertness and the individual’s self-confidence. Some people find they can exercise in the morning before heading to work; other prefer a workout in the evening after most of the day’s activities are complete. Either way, as long as you’re getting some cardio in your day, you’re in good shape!

I had a leg injury a few months ago that took me out of the gym for a few months. It stunk! I loved working out and exercising regularly. However, now that my injury is finally getting better, I’m so happy to finally see a return to aerobic exercise in my near future.

4. Plan your day! Setting goals for the day is a very common characteristic of successful people. It helps individuals organize and plan their activities, ensure they are keeping on track with meeting their goals and encourages them to exceed expectations. Following a daily calendar or even a daily to-do list is all it takes to keep your goals in view!

I’ve always been a planner and organizer. From the day I could write, I was probably writing to-do lists. They simply make me smile! Blogging has also forced me to be more organized than ever. I keep a (very simple) monthly calendar and a daily to-do list. I consult my calendar and list every evening and every morning to keep on track.

5. Face fear head-on! Almost everyone on this planet has fears… things that make them anxious, weary or scared. However, the most successful people don’t let this fear control them or set the path of their lives. They face fear head-on and try (hard) to overcome it!

I certainly have fears like anyone else. I’m still working on not letting my fears dictate my life and my day. It’s (I’m?) a work in progress, shall we say.

So these are the habits I’ve found to be common among highly successful people. Which of these things do you do? Which are you still working on improving? I’d love to hear from you below!

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