19 Smart Organization Ideas for the Bedroom Closet

January 24, 2016 0 By EngineerMommy

The bedroom closet… a place to organize your clothes, shoes, accessories and so much more! It’s a fabulous part of the bedroom, when it’s functional and pretty, but it can easily be an eyesore if it’s not well-designed! Here are some tips for getting the most of your bedroom closet space!

Smart Organization Ideas for the Bedroom Closet

19 Smart Organization Ideas for the Bedroom Closet

19 Smart Organization Ideas for the Bedroom Closet

1. Did you know you can make your own accessories hanger? It’s surprisingly easy to put this one together and I love how you can customize it perfectly to suit your needs! source

2. Part of organizing your space is purging items that you no longer need or like! Is the item damaged, dirty or broken beyond repair? Have you not worn it during the last 6 months? Throw it out if you’re not wearing it on a regular basis.

3. Trying to decide if you should hold onto an article of clothing? Try this trick here to help you declutter more items!

4. Use a pegboard in your closet to keep all your items easily accessible and intelligently organized! source

5. Consider installing a coated wire shelving system. It’s fully customizeable and will let you specify all the dimensions and all the components! source

6. Place cubbies inside the closet to make organizing shoes, hats and other accessories a breeze! source

7. A general guideline that should help in your placement of items is as follows: place your most-used items right at eye level, the items you use less often along the floor and the items you use rarely all the way at the top of the closet.

8. Use clear plastic boxes when possible to keep your items neatly organized but also easily identifiable!

9. Hang bags on hooks to keep them from getting misshapen! source

10. Have a lot of out-of-season clothing? Don’t take up valuable closet real estate with that stuff! Use large canvas boxes or big plastic bins to keep those out-of-season items safely tucked away in an attic or basement.

11. Stick to one set of hangers. It will make your closet look streamlined and neat. Bonus points if they are slim hangers, which will give you even more space for hanging clothing!

12. Need a jewwelry organization solution? Simply hammer some nails into the wall and hang your necklaces, bracelets, etc. from those! source

13. Use shelf dividers to make it easier to find what you need when you need it! Try these shelf dividers!

14. A dark closet is never a pretty closet. Be sure to add some spot lighting to your closet so you can easily see everything in there!

15. Label the various sections and areas of your closet. It will make finding your clothing and accessories not only easy, but also fun!

16. Consider organizing your hanging clothing by color. It will make your closet a pretty rainbow of colors!

17. Don’t forget the closet door! It’s a valuable space to add some more functional storage. Here is a great way to use that door!

18. Keep your unmentionables neat & organized with drawer dividers like these!

19. Need more storage solutions? Add a closet organizer like this to your bedroom to add more functional storage to your space!

Hope these tips help you organize and streamline your space! Happy Organizing!

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