How to Earn Good Karma

October 10, 2015 14 By EngineerMommy

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Do you believe in karma?! You know what I mean: the concept of “what goes around, comes around”? Well, I do and I want to share with you all a fun new website that is trying to spread good karma! It involves Karma Cards & being accountable and it sounds like so much fun! Amazing Karma Gives away 200K Free Karma Cards. Here is how it works:

  • Sign up at! If you sign up right now, you will get 40 Karma Cards to get started!
  • You will receive Green Karma Cards and Red Karma Cards. Register the cards you receive and pass them on to others! Acknowledge good deeds (kindness, honesty, etc.) by handing out a Green Karma Card. Expose a negative action (meanness, dishonesty, etc.) by handing out a Red Karma Card.
  • The website will accept registrations of both Red & Green Cards, and will award you a positive Karma Point for each card you register.
  • As you pass your cards out to others and they register the cards, they receive a karma point and so do you! Everyone who has ever registered that card receives a point!
  • The points earned keep accumulating! Now, here’s the cool part: your Karma Points are redeemable as donations to registered charities or as gift cards.


Here’s a cool fact: As the cards you registered keep being passed on, the points you accumulate are tracked and mapped worldwide in your free account! You can simply log on and get a status update of your karma points!! Remember that each Karma Point is worth 1 penny in Karma Cash!

Here’s a quick math exercise! When you sign up, you will get 40 Karma Cards. You register the Cards and pass them on. If each of the 40 Cards is registered 200 times, then you have earned $80! How cool! This is all just by being accountable and recognizing the actions of others!

Here’s a fun video that explains more!

Isn’t this a fun concept? I love the idea of being accountable and trying to do the right thing! I totally believe in karma… I try to be honest, accountable, reliable, considerate, thoughtful. If I find something on the floor that someone left behind, I try to always bring it to a Lost & Found! I try to always hold the door open for others, especially the elderly. I try to be considerate and thoughtful of other’s feelings! I’m so excited to get my karma cards and start handing them out!!

Are you ready to get started? For ONLY a limited time, Amazing Karma is giving away 5,000 free Karma Card packs with 40 Karma Cards in each pack! However, only the people that sign up now on the pre-launch landing page will receive the FREE Karma Cards! Visit the page below to get your FREE Cards!

Amazing Karma Gives away 200K Free Karma Cards

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