15 brilliant home decor hacks for busy people

July 9, 2015 9 By EngineerMommy

So you’re short on time, but want to make your home look and/or function better? If your answer is yes, then join the club! We could all use some time-saving, easy decorating & organizing tips to make our home work for us, rather than against us. These ideas are so simple, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t think of them first. They’re also so effective and smart, you’ll wonder how you survived until now without them!

Let’s get to the list now, shall we?

Brilliant home decor hacks for busy people

15 brilliant home decor hacks for busy people

15 brilliant home decor hacks for busy people

1. Make a magnetic bathroom rack to keep your tweezers, bobby pins, and other small metal objects. It’s an easy project and you’ll never be searching for your tools on the floor again! Source

2. Design a cabinet to store your hair tools. It’s not as difficult as you might think, but the final product is gorgeous and super functional. Getting ready in the morning has never been this much fun! Source

3. Got a lot of heels? Don’t throw them on your closet floor. Use molding to perfectly store and organize all your pumps! Who knew it was so easy! Source

4. An old laundry basket makes the perfect stencil for adorable dotted walls. It would be an adorable whimsical touch to any kid’s room, play room or even a closet. It’s a clever way to upcycle something that would end up in the trash! Source

5. Got a bit of room next to your refrigerator? Make a sliding pantry in that space. It’s much easier than it looks, and imagine all the extra storage you could put to good use. Love this idea! Source

6. Use old rhinestone necklaces as an alternative tieback for your curtains. If you don’t have any rhinestone necklaces, you can most likely find some at a flea market or a thrift store. It’s cute and so bohemian! Source

7. Hollow out an old book and use it to conceal a router (or any other unsightly electronic item). It’s an easy project that will make your home look and feel less cluttered. I can think of so many ways to use this idea. Source

8. Paint the inside of your door for a subtle touch of bright color. It’s a great way to incorporate a bit of personality into a space without committing to any big changes. Source

9. Light candle in an unused fireplace. It makes such a pretty statement and you don’t have to worry about the maintenance of running an actual fire in there! So pretty & romantic. Source

10. Print “engineer” files at the office supply store. You’ll get a HUGE print out for only a few bucks. You can then frame it or wrap it. Easy, statement-making wall art! Source

11. Use a paste of corn starch and water to make any fabric into removeable wall paper. who knew it was so easy? Think of all the possibilities in kid’s rooms! Source

12. Paint ugly laminate or vinyl floors. It’s such an easy update to something so boring. Look at how finished and modern the stripes are! Love this transformation! Source

13. Use flower pots to keep food protected from the elements & bugs outdoors. Look how chic this can be! Perfect for all those outdoor entertaining shindigs! Source

14. Got noisy hardwood floors? Silence them easily with this simple trick. All you need is some talcum powder. It’s such a common problem! Source

15. Rub a walnut on dinged furniture to cover up the imperfections. Such an unusual solution, but it really does work! Source

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