13 Awesomely Creative Beach Hacks

July 28, 2015 0 By EngineerMommy

It is beach season around here… the temps are well into the 90’s and there’s nothing better than cooling off with a dip in the ocean. The kids also love the HUGE sandbox that is the beach, so we are all pretty happy there for a few hours. We usually try to go in the morning before the sun gets too hot, but it’s usually still warm enough to go in the water. Spending some time at the beach with the kiddies can be fun and exciting, but it usually requires some planning and some clever tips!

So here are my favorite beach tips & secrets to make beach-going so much more enjoyable!!

Awesomely Creative Beach Hacks

13 Awesomely Creative Beach Hacks

13 Awesomely Creative Beach Hacks

1. Make these Aloe Vera Ice Cubes before you head out to the beach. By the time you get back, you’ll be so glad you have these lil babies chilling in the freezer to soothe your skin!

2. Not sure what to bring to the beach? Don’t fret- this list has you covered. From water to sun screen to beach toys, you will have your bases covered with this Beach Packing List!

3. Is your kid getting bored? Don’t worry- check out this list of fun DIY Beach Games. They require only basic supplies and will keep the kids engaged for hours!

4. This DIY Beach Bag is made from duct tape!! Who would have thought? It looks pretty chic, and I love that it is water-resistant!!

5. Make this Beach Vacation Kit that contains all the essentials you will need to make your beach trip fun, successful and safe!!

6. Keep your beverages off the sand- nobody likes sand in their iced tea! These DIY Drink Holders are so easy to make, and they’re pretty cute, too!

7. I like the idea of bringing along a kiddie pool to the beach. You can fill it with water and some toys, and keep the littlest ones cool but safe from the wave!!

8. Need to cover up? These DIY Beach Dresses are so easy to make, you’ll be making them in many colors and patterns. So easy and so breezy!!

9. Don’t have time to run to the store to buy sand toys? Check out these Makeshift Sand Toys you can probably find around your house! So clever! I love repurposing stuff!!

10. Make your hair look like you were born at the beach. This Sea Salt Spray will give you perfect beach waves, without all the work. Simply spray and tousle your hair. Easy peasy!

11. Make a hand sandprint to take back home. It’ll be a great memory of your fun times at the beach!

12. My kids are huge play dough fans. Make this sand play dough to keep the beach spirit alive all year long!

13. Attach your keys to a cork so they float (rather than sink!) It’s an easy tutorial.

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