Easy DIY Bathroom Upgrades

February 18, 2015 0 By EngineerMommy

I love DIY upgrades. My post on DIY Kitchen Upgrades was so popular that I figured a new post of DIY Bathroom Upgrades was in order. I love sprucing up the look and functionality of a room by putting in a little sweat equity and a little creativity. These projects below are easy, simple ideas that will help transform your bathroom into a pretty & practical place! If you have a bathroom that could use a revamping, check out my list of favorite Bathroom Upgrades below!

Easy DIY Bathroom Upgrades

Easy DIY bathroom projects

Easy DIY bathroom projects

A simple basket on the wall will create a practical floating shelf and Kleenex hand towel dispenser. Doesn’t it look kinda cool? It definitely seems so easy (and hygienic) to grab a towel from that little dispenser.

This fun shelf was part of a bathroom makeover, and I love how the little shelves are perfect spots to display little trinkets: everything from a candle to a vase of flowers. You can buy shelves like this from a home goods store, or you can make one with some wooden boards and a basic wooden frame.

This mosaic tile mirror is so chic and elegant, it would definitely transform any ho-hum bathroom into a spectacular space. It’s a fairly easy DIY project, too, as long as you’re comfortable with small tiling jobs. We’ve tiled whole floors, so this mosaic tile mirror is definitely on my to-do list in the new house!

Okay, this next one may not be a home decor project per se, but what bathroom is complete without a luxurious bath salt? This citrus body scrub sounds like it would be a heavenly addition to any bathroom!

If you’re tired of that old laminate counter, or you’re looking for a modern, new counter top, have you considered concrete? This DIY Concrete Countertop is a surprisingly easy counter option!

Are haircare tools and supplies taking over your bathroom? Use some small PVC pipes to store your hot iron, curling iron, etc. on the back of your cabinet door!

I hope this list of DIY Bathroom Upgrades inspires you to re-do your bathroom! Tell me which is your favorite idea!

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