10 Christmas Paper Plate Crafts for Kids

November 28, 2015 1 By EngineerMommy

I have so many Christmas Paper Plate Crafts for Kids to share with you all today! We always pick up a big pack of paper plates when we are at the dollar store, because I love using them for arts & crafts! There’s something about a paper plate that my four-year old just loves. Even if we’re not putting together a season craft with a paper plate, she’ll always choose a plate plate to simply doodle on or color or paint! So with Christmas about a month away, I wanted to share with you all some fun and easy Christmas Paper Plate Crafts for Kids!

Do you like doing crafts with your kids? Doing arts & crafts tends to be a daily occurrence in our house. My 4 year old and my 2 year old get so excited when it’s time to take out the glue, glitter, pom poms, etc. I guess they take after Mama! I’ve written about paper plate crafts here, but today’s post will focus specifically on Christmas Paper Plate Crafts for Kids!

Christmas Paper Plate Crafts for Kids

10 Christmas Paper Plate Crafts for Kids

10 Christmas Paper Plate Crafts for Kids

1. I love the idea of using paper plates to make festive Peppermint Candy Ornaments. This one would be so much fun to personalize!

2. This Shredded Paper Snowman on a paper plate is definitely an easy and fun way to celebrate the season!

3. These Christmas trees are made from paper plates. I love the way they are decorated!

4. This wreath craft uses gemstone stickers to add the look of ornaments on the wreath! My four year loves sparkly things, so I know she would love to try this one!

5. Isn’t this gingerbread man so cute?! I love the way this came out!

6. My girls love playing with lacing cards, so I just know that they would love to make this Paper Plate laced Christmas tree!

7. This adorable little Santa is made from paper plates & cotton balls! My kids would love to try this one!

8. These Elf Trees are so adorable! It seems really simple to make this one, which is perfect for the kids!

9. We can’t forget about Rudolph!! This adorable reindeer craft is made from paper plates! And of course, a red pom pom gives Rudolph his iconic red nose!

10. Another take on a wreath, this craft uses tissue paper to make the wreath look realistically fuzzy!

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