The ultimate guide to DIY pool noodle projects for kids!

April 3, 2014 0 By EngineerMommy

There are so many pool noodle projects out there in blogland, but I’ve rounded up six of the coolest pool noodle projects here. Everything from painting with pool noodles to bathing with pool noodles! Pool noodles are great toys for kids. Somehow kids are quite entertained by pool noodles. Even in their raw form. Pool noodles are long but they’re soft and flexible and feel kinda squishy. Kids love them!

I’m actually going to be buying a few pool noodles in different colors the next time I go to the store so that I have a stash of a few of them in the closet for a rainy day. They’re great for a rainy day! Let your kid play with a pool noodle in its raw form first. When they get tired of that, try your hand at one of these DIY pool noodle projects especially geared toward entertaining young ones!

The ultimate guide to DIY pool noodle projects for kids!

  1. Make a pool noodle racetrack complete with flags and finish signs, and let your kids race against each other.
  2. Make a Star Wars-inspired lightsaber out of a pool noodle and let your kids “battle” it out.
  3. Cut thin slices out of multiple colors of pool noodles and string them together for a unique and festive pool noodle garland.
  4. Use cut pool noodles as an interesting medium to paint and let your little artist make her masterpiece.
  5. Make a foam sailboat out of a pool noodle and let your little one watch it float around.
  6. Just cut up many pool noodles and throw them into the bath so your little one will feel like she is playing in a pool noodle ball pit.

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