Make your own DIY high-contrast vision stimulation book for infants: dollar store toy

April 16, 2014 0 By EngineerMommy

If you’ve followed¬†MondoMom for some time, you’ll know that I’m a huge fan of dollar stores. I go there when I’m bored… yea, it’s that bad. ūüôā

Dollar Tree¬†is my favorite one by far. I can literally walk in there and¬†collect a cartful of stuff that I absolutely must have. And can’t live without.

I especially like dollar stores for kids toys. These¬†toys can get used and abused and outgrown and you never feel¬†bad if it’s a toy from the dollar store. Check out some of my past dollar store toys, like this dollar store foam bath toys, dollar store pom pom¬†toys, my dollar store foam sticks toy, my dollar store squishy worms toy, and my dollar store pinwheel toy.

Anyway, on to the meat of this post.¬†I made this little book before my first was born,¬†almost three years ago! It’s a simple-concept book. Infant vision is not too sharp during the first few months of life. High-contrast images, especially those featuring black, white and red colors, tend to capture their attention most.¬†So I set out to create a small picture book of images that feature black, white and red colors with random shapes and patterns to help stimulate my little one’s eyes.

Make your own DIY high-contrast vision stimulation book for infants: dollar store toy

I simply picked up a dollar store photo album, a small album with a kid-oriented cover. Mine has a sweet little duck on the cover.

Here are some of my interior pages for inspiration.

Yes, you could probably find high-contrast images online and print them out and that would work too. But I like the simple geometric shapes and large-scale patterns that I was able to create by hand. All I used was construction paper in black, white and red. And also a red marker.

If you have about a half hour and want to stimulate your baby’s vision with a simple high-contrast book, then this project¬†would be worth your time!

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