Girls Room Ideas

December 15, 2014 1 By EngineerMommy

We are officially in Attorney Review- yay! As some of you may know, we are selling our home FSBO. And that has been interesting and enlightening and frustrating. We had two buyers interested in the place at the same time, one of them came up to our price, and we accepted! I am so, so excited! We will be moving to a single family house in the same town- this condo just isn’t cutting it anymore with two rambunctious kids!

So in moving to the new house, I want to redesign Sophia’s room. Right now, she is in the same space she was in as a newborn. And as a now 3-year old, she deserves a big girl space. And plus, I just want to renovate! 🙂 So I’m so excited to be collecting and curating ideas on Pinterest, of course! And I will be sharing my ideas in this post, as well!

Girls Room Ideas: Ways to Design a Big Girl’s Room

Girl's Room Ideas

Girl’s Room Ideas

Use Vinyl to Add Interest to the Walls!

Gold Polka Dots:

How cute are these gold polka dots? Of course any color would work, but gold is just so refined and elegant- perfect for a big girl!

Mouse Hole Decal:

Bring a touch of whimsy to your space with this mouse hole decal– so sweet. And I know my daughters would get a kick out of that!

Hearts all over the Wall:

I love the look of these hearts all over the wall, especially on just one feature wall. I think I will definitely incorporate this into the kids’ new space!

Name & Initial Decal:

I love the look of a name decal on the wall. It’s classic and timeless, and of course the color can be customized to any decor palette!

Incorporate Stars into your Space:

Star Wallpaper

A large star wallpaper like this could be easily added to any room for a beautiful starry effect.

Get a Star Mobile:

This can probably be purchased, but it looks easy enough to DIY, as well. Just use a star cut-out punch and some shiny silver paper. Hang from strings and voila!

Stars on the Ceiling:

How sweet is this look with stars all over the ceiling! So perfect for a night under the stars!

Shelves & Bookcases

Stuffed Animal Swing:

I love this look of stuffed animals on a swing. Boy, do we have like a million stuffed animals around here!

Tree Bookcase:

How practical and cute is this tree bookcase! Pretty easy to DIY, it serves a very important purpose but looks lovely and would fit in so wonderfully in a rustic themed room!

Dollhouse Bookcase:

You can easy turn a small, basic bookcase into a one-of-a-kind dollhouse with some scrapbook paper and basic craft supplies. It’s a wonderfully easy way to add some decor to a kid’s room, along with a built-in toy. Win-Win!

Chalkboard Projects for the Kids Room:

Chalkboard Frame:

Get a basic frame and paint the glass with chalkboard paint. Hang it up in your child’s room and let them go to town! It creates a wonderful activity and looks so pretty! Of course, hang it at your child’s eye level!

Chalkboard Tables:

Chalkboard tables are all the rage right now! How cute are these? You simply paint the top of a small kid-sized table with chalkboard paint, and let the kids enjoy creating to their heart’s content! Of course, the table can also be used as a regular table. Multi-purpose units are my friend!

Magnetic Paint Wall:

I also love this twist. Paint with magnetic paint on a section of wall. Buy a whole bunch of those letter magnets, and encourage your child to spell out words. Of course, they sell all kinds of magnet sets so the possibilities are endless here!

Chalkboard Paint on Dresser Drawers:

Or you could paint the front drawers of a dresser in chalkboard paint! Then you can write directly on the drawers to label the contents. Draw little pictures there too so the kids can figure out what’s inside- and help you clean up!

I hope this post inspired you to add some fun, some practicality and some whimsy to your kids’ rooms, too!

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