Easter decor ideas roundup: DIY on the cheap

March 17, 2014 1 By EngineerMommy

With Easter around the corner, I’m thinking about all the ways I can decorate my house for the season. Easter eggs, bunnies, carrots, grass, flowers, etc. All the seasonal elements are bright and cheery and remind me of spring. Sure, I can go to the home décor store and spend a pretty penny to decorate my space. But then I don’t get to choose the colors and choose the design and so forth. And that’s no fun!

Instead, I’ll be going to the craft store (and the dollar store, because that place has a ton of cheap craft supplies) to make some of these beautiful and easy Easter décor ideas.

Easter decor ideas roundup: DIY on the cheap

  1. Make an adorable bunny banner using sweet scrapbook paper and cotton.
  2. Craft some chic wooden eggs for a centerpiece using washi tape and paint.
  3. Design a festive carrot garland using twine and construction paper.
  4. Make an elegant “Happy Spring” sign using cheery scrapbook paper and a plaque.
  5. Craft this sweet floral Easter tree using a cone form and some pastel flowers.
  6. Put together this Easter egg wreath using balloons and string.


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