DIY Updating a picture frame to match your decor

March 28, 2014 4 By EngineerMommy

I’ve done this project using different picture frames before over here. And I love how you can walk around Hobby Lobby (or your fabric store of choice) to pick out fabric that will complement and match your décor and taste. That is a lot of fun!

That last project was so easy and the result was so attractive that I set out to repeat that process in the loft, which is our playroom. This would be fun! I could pick out fun, playful fabric. I could pick out fabric that had a lot of dark red in it to complement our burgundy accent wall in the playroom. This would be so much fun! I was excited to head to the fabric store.

Here is what the original picture looked like.

I mostly followed the same procedure as last time, but this time, I also cut out silhouettes of cute birds out of different silver & black scrapbook paper. I pasted these cute little birds onto the fabric using mounting pads.

Here is the final product. I love it. So much!

And here it is on the wall!

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