DIY custom initial pillow: iron-on transfer method

May 23, 2014 0 By EngineerMommy

Ok, I was walking through the Dollar Tree, as I do quite often, not really looking for something in particular. Just browsing. Seeing what may catch my eye. And I found this package of iron-on transfer papers. It was in their stationery section. There were like 3 sheets in this package.

I had heard that iron-on transfer papers were fairly pricey (but never actually priced them myself), so when I noticed that they were being sold at the Dollar Tree, I needed to get one. I had no idea what I would do with it. But that’s the beauty of the Dollar Tree- you don’t need a reason to buy something there… Hmm, maybe that’s why I often spend so much money there! Anyway, so I got home and started thinking of what I could use these transfer papers for, and I was staring at my DIY no-sew pillows that I had made with glue. And I thought I could use one of these sheets to spruce up one of those pillows!

So I went to my computer and played around with my favorite fonts to find a pretty font that looked good. I was looking for a font that was not too curly or script-y, because I knew I would have to cut out the shape before I ironed it on. So I was looking for a font that had simple straight lines. It wasn’t boring, old Arial though. For some font inspirations, check out this favorite fonts post or this more favorite fonts post.

Let’s get to the tutorial now, shall we?

DIY custom initial pillow: iron-on transfer method

Custom letter pillow

Custom letter pillow



  • Design your page using a word processer like Microsoft Word. Make your letter nice and big. Make sure your font is one that will be easy to cut out. Print out your sheet on a piece of transfer paper. NOTE: You can make the letter a specific color or even fill it in with a pattern, but I like the simple plain white. So I just printed out the outline of the letter- the inside of the letter is blank.
  • Custom letter pillow supplies

    Custom letter pillow supplies

  • Cut out the letter.
  • Custom letter pillow: cut out letter

    Custom letter pillow: cut out letter

  • Using the iron set on high (NO steam!) and a piece of protective cotton fabric, iron the letter onto the pillow cover. Go over it a few times to make sure it is set.
  • Custom letter initial pillow

    Custom letter initial pillow

  • Enjoy!

Custom initial pillow

Custom initial pillow

It’s a really simple, but fun, DIY project for sprucing up your own home décor. It’s so easy to customize this project by changing colors, letters, and designs! Oh, the possibilities!

The next time I’m at the Dollar Tree, I will be picking up another package of these transfer papers… which mean, I’ll probably be picking up another package tomorrow! 🙂

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