Under the kitchen sink: ideas to organize under the kitchen sink

April 17, 2012 0 By EngineerMommy

The cabinet under my kitchen sink is a piece of work! It definitely leaves something to be desired. I will tackle my own kitchen sink cabinet another time, but for now, I was scouring the web for some inspirational kitchen sink cabinets and boy, did I find them! There are some great ideas out there on how to tackle that space.

Under the kitchen sink: ideas to organize under the kitchen sink

  1. Use a small stackable shelf to best utilize vertical space in the cabinet like this.- The nest effect
  2. Hang cleaning gloves with a binder clip like this to keep them out of the way and let them effectively dry.- Organize with sandy
  3. Hang wire racks on both cabinet doors like this to keep bottles of cleaners organized and accessible.- A bowl full of lemons
  4. Store your trash baskets under the kitchen sink like this to keep them out of the way.- Ask anna
  5. Organize under the sink with an IKEA drawer divider system like this.- Chez larsson
  6. Use dollar store baskets to compartmentalize everything under the sink like this.- Delightful order

General tips:

  • First, empty the cabinet completely.
  • Wipe down the inside of the cabinet with a damp washcloth.
  • Throw away items that are expired, empty, or otherwise obsolete.
  • Group like items together- all sponges together, all bags together, all cleaning bottles together, etc.
  • Grab storage baskets of varying sizes and put like items together in one basket.
  • Label the baskets to identify the contents.
  • Organize the baskets under the sink based on frequency of usage. If you reach for a bag everyday, make those easily accessible at the front of the cabinet. If you reach for a bottle stove cleaner once a month, leave that toward the rear of the cabinet.

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