Organization at the front door- finding a place for your keys & bag: organize your home series

October 21, 2012 0 By EngineerMommy

Order is Key: Putting Keys in their place

Let’s start at the beginning. You walk into your house. Where do you put your keys? You will never know where to find your keys if you sometimes keep them in your bag, sometimes put them on your console table, sometimes place them on the kitchen counter, sometimes bring them to you bedroom, etc. Like everything else, your keys need a specific, designated spot that they can always be found. There is no right or wrong answer here – the important thing is just to be consistent.

One great option on storing your keys is to hang them on a hook just inside the front door. Then when you come in the door always hang the keys on the hook. When you are leaving the house, you’ll be sure to see them and pick them up from the hook. By giving your keys this specific place, you will be less likely to come home and place your keys in another random location. Another good option for the home of your keys is on a small bowl on the console table or the kitchen countertop. Yet another option would be to leave your keys in your handbag, particularly if you never leave the house without your handbag.

The Handbag Solution

Now that your keys have a specific place that they live, you need to find a specific, designated place to hold your bag. The Handbag Solution is the one place you have elected to store your bag. You walk in the door, often carrying a ton of things – the baby, your handbag, plastic shopping bags, maybe a drink, etc. You need to avoid the all-too-common situation where you just bring the bag along with you from room to room. You don’t know where to leave the bag so you just drag it with you around the house.

As with the keys, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Think about what works for you and your home. Is there a hook or shelf in your main closet that can be used to store your bag? What about a small table in your entryway? What about underneath a chair near your front door? How about on a desk or countertop surface in the kitchen? What about on an ottoman in your bedroom?

Find a place and stick to it. Starting right this second, go get your bag and put it in that spot. Be consistent! The next time you walk in the front door, drop your bag in that designated spot. If you need to grab something from your bag at some point in the evening, go to your bag, take what you need and leave your bag in its place. You need to set a handbag routine so that it becomes second nature.

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