Make iced tea concentrate to enjoy iced tea on demand

February 8, 2012 2 By EngineerMommy

Making iced tea from scratch takes time! Find a tea bag, boil the water, pour over the tea, steep the tea, cool the tea, and add ice to the tea. It takes a while, and I’ll be honest- by the time it’s finally ready, I’m often no longer interested in the tea! I needed a way to make iced tea on demand more quickly!

And I found a way. I now make iced tea concentrate, and I can dilute it with water for fresh-tasting, home-brewed, quickly-made iced tea. How is how I do it.

  1. Pour the boiling water (or slightly under-boiling depending on your tea of choice) over the tea bags until the tea bags are just covered with water. If you are impatient, use as little water as necessary so it will take less time to cool the tea.
  2. When the tea bags are covered in boiling water, start timing the steep.
  3. When the right time has elapsed, remove the tea bags and add a few ounces of room-temperature or cool water. This will lower the tempeature of the concentrate and help it cool off more quickly. Refrigerate the concetrate.
  4. You can simply leave this concentrate in the refrigerator as is or you can dilute it with enough water to make regular iced tea. Store it in a pretty pitcher and serve with a slice of lemon for a refreshing drink!

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