Home herb garden

April 22, 2012 0 By EngineerMommy

I love it when Walmart expands their garden section with a huge array of potted plants and flowers at the usual rock-bottom prices unique to Walmart. Now that the temperatures have risen a bit, Walmart started opening up their garden section and I’m loving it.

Today I picked up two pots of herbs: sweet mint and basil. They’re so fragrant and they truly make me happy. I smile whenever I see them. I’ve already used the mint to flavor an iced green tea drink. And I’ve already used the basil to flavor a pasta dish.

What’s great about growing your own herbs at home is you always have the herbs you need when cooking or preparing meals. Also, it’s much more affordble than buying an individual serving of herbs when you need them. The plant will always regrow more herbs (provided you take good care of it).

Make sure when you set up your plants, you pay special attention to the care instructions. Put the ones that need full sun right in the window that is sunniest. Put the ones that need partial shade in a shadier area of the house.

Here they are sitting on the shelf by the window.

And here is a closer look at them!

While at IKEA this past weekend, I picked up these plant identifiers for 50 cents! I love that you could write on them with chalk!

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