Custom fabric message bulletin pushpin board DIY

September 24, 2012 0 By EngineerMommy

I picked up a plain cork board in a wooden frame from Ikea. I like that it’s a pretty good size, the frame can be painted easily, and of course, it’s about five bucks! Can’t beat that! So I picked one up planning on using a pretty decorative fabric to cover the noticeboard and then eventually hang it in the kitchen. It would be perfect for hanging up Sophia’s appointment reminders. I always seem to forget when she is due to get her next well-child visit at the pediatrician’s office. It would also be great for hanging up any other really important reminders or documents. I use this mail organizer to hold the less important mail items that don’t need our immediate attention but still need to be easily accessible.

Anyway, so I found this fabric for the bulletin board and I love it.

So let’s take a look at the frame. I knew I wanted to paint it white. Here is the frame before the paint job.

And after the paint job. It looks so much more finished now!

Finally, I measured the inside frame of the bulletin board and cut my fabric a little longer and wider than that. Then I used the iron-on hem adhesive tape from the craft store to make a finished edge all around. How did I attach the fabric to the board? Easy peasy. I simply used decorative push pins along the border. Added bonus: I can change out the fabric to match the season (or my mood) without messing with any permanent attachments.

I love how the finished product looks. Even better is how functional it has been for us!

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