Under the Sea Nursery Theme Mood Board

October 23, 2011 0 By EngineerMommy

This mood board is inspired by the sea underworld with pretty greens and blues & exotic sea creatures. Thanks to the gender-neutral color palette, this theme would work equally well for little boys or little girls. This theme could easily extend through the child’s first years and be equally beautiful as a toddler’s room theme.

  1. Coastal Tropical Seahorse Metal Wall Decor Art Set of 2
  2. Tropical Fish Wall Decor – Bluestrip Butterfly Fish
  3. Tropical Fish Wall Decor – Orange Angelfish
  4. Hand-painted White Mirrored Door Accent Chest
  5. Silver Coral Table Lamp
  6. Starfish Microplush Pillows (Set of 2)
  7. notNeutral Season Rug, White/Persimmon Orange, 5-Feet by 8-Feet

The main inspiration piece for this room was the tropical fish wall decor in blues and oranges. The white mirrored door accent chest would be perfect for storing all of baby’s books, keepsakes and collectibles. The coral table lamp would be the ideal complementary lamp to be placed near a changing table for those middle-of-the-night feedings. The starfish pillows in neutral colors further develop the sea theme. The orange rug brings a pop of color to the room and brings out the orange accents in the fish wall decor.

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