Pretty Ribbon Organization & Storage DIY- The Fast & Cheap Way

November 14, 2011 0 By EngineerMommy

Want to whip up a cute and practical organizer for your ribbons? Then stick around! My ribbon organization idea is cheap (using stuff you probably already have around the house) and fast (no drilling or sawing involved).

Here is the final product for a sneak peek!

Ok, here we go. Let’s get started!

  • Start with a sturdy shoe box. Find one for shoes (rather than boots) because you want to use the standard length of the typical shoe boxes. Here is the one I used.

  • Now grab all your pretty scrapbook papers, stickers and embelishments. And start embelishing your boring, plain shoe box. Of course, this step is completely optional, but why not make the most of your new ribbon organizer? Here is what mine looked like after pretty-fying it… yes, it is a word!

  • Now grab a pack of dowel rods like these. Make sure they are 12″ long.

  • Simply stack your ribbon spools onto a dowel rod and JAM it into your shoebox. This is why it is important that your dowel rods are sized correctly (so they fit within the box) and why your shoebox is fairly sturdy (so it can support the weight of the rod & ribbons). No need to drill any holes. My dowel rod stays up simply by TENSION… just like a shower curtain rod. Here is my final ribbon organizer again for your viewing pleasure!

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