Makeup Organization Idea: My Countertop Cosmetics Station

November 13, 2011 0 By EngineerMommy

I used to store all my loose cosmetic products in a big ol’ wicker basket, but that resulted in my famous bottomless pit of blushes & foundations. Needless to say, it didn’t work at all!

Now I have all my make-up & cosmetic products organized neatly into six categories, each of which fit nicely into a little drawer dedicated to that category. Here is what my make-up organization system looks like on my bathroom countertop.

I use the Sterilite Countertop Drawers like this one below. And I stack one set of three drawers on top of another set, as in the picture above!

Each of these drawers has a dedicated category of cosmetic products as follows:

All my makeup components are contained in these six drawers!

  • Drawer 1: FACE- foundations, primers, concealers, powders
  • Drawer 2: CHEEKS- powder blushes, cream blushes, gel blushes
  • Drawer 3: ILLUMINATION- highlighters, brighteners, cream shimmers
  • Drawer 4: EYES- eyeliners, eyeshadow primers, eyeshadows
  • Drawer 5: LIPS- lipsticks, lip glosses, chapsticks, lip liners
  • Drawer 6: MISCELLANEOUS- bobby pins, pencil sharpener, hair ties, perfume roller

And my Sephora blockbuster palette sits on top of the drawers:

My makeup station is so well organized now that putting on my makeup typically takes less than 10 minutes, and that includes the “works” – from eye shadow primer to blush highlighter.

What I love the most about this system is its versatility. It’s very easy to just pick up the stack of drawers and stuff it into a closet or cabinet if I need the bathroom to look super clean (like for a home showing) but for everyday use, it’s the perfect utilitarian makeup station for me!

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