Four Clever Uses for Olive Oil

October 20, 2011 0 By EngineerMommy

There’s no salad dressing recipes here. No, all these uses for olive oil are rather unconventional. But I am rather unconventional sometimes.

  • Lubricate Door Hinges: Did you just put baby to sleep and as you’re tip-toeing out of her room, the squeaky door roused baby from her slumber? It has happened to me, a number of times. The next time you notice your door hinges need a little extra lubrication, dip a Q-tip in olive oil and rub it along the hinge.
  • Soften Cuticles: Doing your manicure at home and looking for an all-natural way to keep those cuticles soft & moist? Well, then olive oil is your friend. Simply use a cotton ball to apply olive oil directly to your cuticles and then massage the oil onto your nail bed.
  • Shine Steel: Want to shine your stainless steel but you shy away from harsh chemicals? Stainless steel pots don’t look so hot when they’re covered in water spots & scratches. Apply some olive oil with a paper towel to your steel pots & pans and rub it in along the grain… instant shine!
  • Moisturize Hair: I have been known to create all kinds of all-natural, homemade skin & hair potions to cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize. And olive oil is definitely on the list of all-natural moisturizers that I routinely use on my stressed tresses. Simply apply some olive oil with your fingers onto the ends of the hair (if you rub the oil into the roots, you will have a very undesirable effect). Put on a shower cap and let the oil do its thang for several minutes. If you’re feeling really productive, you could even apply mild heat with a hairdryer. When the time is up, shampoo out the excess oil and you’ll have softer, more moisturized hair.

The next time you’re in the supermarket, consider buying two bottles of olive oil. One high-quality, expensive to be used for cooking/eating. Another more affordable variety to be used for… well, everything else.

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