DIY Halloween Project: Witch’s Cauldron

October 20, 2011 0 By EngineerMommy

Decorating for Halloween can be so much fun, particularly if you have little kids in your house or little trick-or-treaters visiting your house. A witch’s cauldron is a must-have as far as I’m concerned – a big, black pot filled with a strange, simmering concoction prepared by a mysterious witch… yea, I’m scared!

Here’s a DIY version of a scary witch’s cauldon.

Find a big black pot. I have seen these at the dollar store on many occasions, particularly around Halloween season. Now freeze some water in round ice-cube trays, and before the water is fully frozen, pop a small raspberry in the center. The water should freeze around the berry, and the ice cube should resemble a red eye.

As far as the liquid inside the cauldron, you could go with a basic punch recipe, but for the simmering effect, I like to use a hot liquid. The best one in my opinion for this application? Spiced Apple Cider that I wrote about here. Pop in the ice cubes when the liquid is still hot from the stove, and bring the cauldron out on your porch or deck or even by an open window. The cold air will really make the steam stand out. This simple Halloween DIY project will be sure to instill some scary chills in those little trick-or-treaters!

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