Dollar Store Christmas: Our Christmas Tree

November 27, 2011 0 By EngineerMommy

Although I am including this post in my Dollar Store Christmas series, I must first preface this with a disclosure. Not all my ornaments are from the dollar store. And obviously, my tree is not from the dollar store. But the vast majority of my ornaments are indeed from the dollar store. And by selectively combining pieces from the dollar store with more expensive items, you too can get a fabulous Christmas look for less!

First off, here is our tree. I love how the height of this tree emphasizes the cathedral ceilings in our living room!

It’s a 9 foot pre-lit tree that’s tall and narrow. I love how these narrow base trees take up less real estate than the wider, more traditional trees. I also find that the narrower trees look more elevated in sophistication as well. The tree I am using is very similar to this one below.

Now on to the ornaments. I think if you are going to mix cheap ornaments with more expensive ones, it is a good idea to keep your look unified. This means… pick a color palette and stick to it! We chose golds, browns, and greens. We think it complements the neutral color scheme in our living room very nicely.

Here are some close-ups of the ornaments on our tree.

Some more tips when choosing ornaments for your tree:

  • If you have a big box of one color/type of ornaments, place those on the tree first, making sure to evenly space out those ornaments, so you don’t wind up with all the round, shiny, gold balls in one spot.
  • Use as many different shapes as possible including balls, teardrops, icicles, snowflakes, bows, angels, reindeer, etc.
  • Keep your color palette tight. Stick to only a few colors, but include many shades of that color to create nice depth. We chose gold, brown and green. But we made sure to have several different shades of brown on the tree, for example.
  • Find your most impressive ornaments and place those in the center of the tree at eye level to show off your nicest ornaments.

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