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Feb 222018

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Ever feel uninspired on what to make for dinner? Tired of the same old … same old? I have a fun project for you today. You can make a set of these Meal Planning Dice. Perfect for foodies or busy families looking to add a bit of surprise to their dinner routine, these dice are an elegant solution. They are easy to make and even make a great gift for any food lover you know.

DIY Meal Planning Dice

DIY Meal Planning Dice

DIY Meal Planning Dice

To make these dice, here’s what you’ll need:

I used foam cubes for this project and simply wrote the words onto the cubes. However, another option is to purchase wooden cubes like these and then use the method I describe here to transfer the words onto the faces of the cube.

So, let’s roll the dice a few times and see what we come up with, shall we?

DIY Meal Planning Dice

DIY Meal Planning Dice

It looks like the first roll resulted in Zucchini, Beef and Potatoes. Hmmm… how about this Summer Lasagna or this Zucchini Potato Bake? Let’s roll again…
DIY Meal Planning Dice

DIY Meal Planning Dice

The next roll was Pork, Quinoa and Broccoli. This Cheesy Broccoli Quinoa paired with a Pork Loin sounds delicious! Let’s do one final roll…
DIY Meal Planning Dice

DIY Meal Planning Dice

This time, we rolled Fish, Beets and Rice. I bet this Beet Cheddar Risotto would be delicious with a filet of salmon.

I hope this project inspires you to make a set of these meal planning dice for yourself. It has been a fun addition to our meal planning routine and it certainly results in unique, delicious combinations we would have never thought of ourselves.

Happy crafting! Happy meal planning!

Would you make a set of these meal planning dice? How do you get creative in the kitchen?

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14 Responses to “DIY Meal Planning Dice”

  1. Such a clever idea! Beets, rice and fish sounds delicious! I have never tried incorporating beets into our menus.

  2. This could help out a lot. I hate to cook, so maybe having a plan would make things less stressful. My dice would probably have things on it like “fries” and “burgers” though 😉 I won’t lie!

  3. That is an awesome way to shake things up. I am the worst about deciding what to eat.

  4. This is such a good idea when you don’t know what to cook. It is also fun when you want a surprise for dinner.

  5. Oh my gosh how fun is this for an idea! I struggle with meal ideas so I might just have to give it a try!

  6. It’s not easy to come up with recipes at all! I think it’s awesome to have a dice like this, it’s fun and it’s so cool as well. Thanks for the idea.

  7. I love this meal dice idea! Sometimes I just do not know what to prepare for dinner and this could be quite helpful.

  8. I love this idea! There are so many times my husband and I cannot decide on dinner and doing something like this would be a great way to get around that problem!

  9. I feel like I need to make these since it definitely does the thinking for you. I’ve been having a difficult time coming up with dishes to make for meal planning!

  10. The DIY Dice looks really fun. It certainly adds the elements of surprise and variety. Will try and implement this at our home too.

  11. This is such a fun idea! It would help with all of those nights that we are all asking each other what we want to eat for dinner.

  12. I absolutely LOVE this idea. I get so stuck when making dinner and this would be a fun way to get my kiddos involved in meal planning.

  13. This is such a fun concept! I’d love to utilize this on the early days after grocery shopping! My the time we get around to needing to shop again I’m not sure my girls would appreciate a “roll over” direction more than once!

  14. That’s such a fun idea. We usually do pretty well with agreeing on something but man oh man does my sister’s family need this. It can take them hours to figure out a dinner that everyone will be happy with. lol

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