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Aug 082018

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As a busy work-at-home mom, I am always trying to improve myself by focusing on things like productivity, wealth, happiness, and balance. Today, I’m sharing my best tips for finding a life that’s filled with passion and purpose. Speaking of self-improvement, did you know that the BB&T Leadership Series shares insights on leadership topics from some of today’s best and brightest thought leaders?

I’m really excited about this series for many reasons. As a female chemical engineer, I faced obstacles both in school and in the workplace. People assumed I was just another pretty face and couldn’t possibly have the knowledge to compete in the rigorously technical world of designing chemical reactors and balancing oxidation-reduction reactions. However, the dismissive attitude I faced from my peers and colleagues pushed me to study longer and work harder – and my efforts eventually paid off! I graduated summa cum laude from my undergraduate program and went on to study chemical engineering at the graduate level at an Ivy League university. The experience has taught me a number of life lessons that I proudly carry with me to this day, the most important of which is not to let naysayers dissuade me from pursuing my dreams and goals.

How to Be the Best Version of Yourself

How to Be the Best Version of Yourself

I took the hardship of the gender stereotype and flipped it around to be a driving force in my career and life! This is the same attitude held by John O’Leary. He survived a near-fatal house fire at the tender age of nine, which severely burned 100% of his body. After months in the hospital, ten finger amputations, and dozens of surgeries, he finally made it home. Despite this traumatic childhood experience, he is now a popular inspirational speaker that encourages successful people worldwide to pursue their passions and strive for greatness. Furthermore, he is the author of the famous book On Fire, which has received acclaimed reviews from many.

So how can you be the best version of yourself? Here are my top five tips!

1. Ignore the naysayers!

Whether you are a corporate professional, struggling student, an entrepreneur working from home, or anything in-between, there will always be people that try to push you down. Never let those naysayers dictate your future. When I had fellow students (and even one or two professors) who made comments implying that I would not be able to compete in this industry, I kept on studying to prove them wrong. Eventually, my hard work resulted in A grades and a full-tuition scholarship to graduate school!

2. Embrace challenges!

No life is unfettered by obstacles and hardships, but it’s the way we handle these obstacles that dictate our future. If we panic at the thought of adversity, we will be unable to best navigate the tricky waters. Instead, if we embrace the challenges, we will use the opportunity to learn and move forward. For example, John O’Leary used his traumatic fire experience to inspire others to live their best life! Instead of letting the fire dictate a future of pain and fear, he used it as an opportunity to get stronger and teach others that it’s possible to triumph past horrific experiences.

3. Set realistic goals!
Setting goals are important for growth and reaching new milestones in our professional and personal lives. However, our goals need to be specific and realistic. Always be sure to set up a timeline for how you intend to tackle the various small-scale tasks required to meet the large-scale goals.

How to Be the Best Version of Yourself

How to Be the Best Version of Yourself

4. Find balance!
A requirement for being the best version of myself is to find balance in life. As a work-at-home mom, I can easily work from sunrise to sunset every single day. However, I set limits and try to balance my work life with the other spheres of my life. I am always striving to split my time and resources among mental, physical, social, and spiritual goals. One of the most rejuvenating activities for me is spending time with the kids, and since ice cream is my guilty pleasure, I am ecstatic when I can combine the two! 🙂

How to Be the Best Version of Yourself

How to Be the Best Version of Yourself

5. Stop the negative self-talk!
Many of us are guilty of this mistake: telling ourselves we are not good enough, we will never get that promotion, we won’t look good in that outfit, and so on. Although it’s normal to have a bit of self-doubt here and there, make sure it’s not constant or irrational. The truth is that most of the time, the story we tell ourselves in our head is much worse than the actual story happening around us. One of the best ways to clear my mind and reset my psyche is to relax in the garden with an iced tea and a digital magazine.

How to Be the Best Version of Yourself

How to Be the Best Version of Yourself

I hope these tips have inspired you to live your best life this year! If you are ready to overcome your challenges and celebrate the everyday moment with passion and optimism, be sure to check out John O’Leary’s work. Each year, he partners with hundreds of companies to transform today’s challenges into tomorrow’s successes. John has truly mastered one of the best skills around: realizing that we can choose to live a bolder, brighter life!

Don’t forget to also check out the BB&T Leadership Series, which was created to support BB&T’s commitment to leadership development. This series of interviews with today’s top leaders inspire others to embrace leadership and overcome hardships. They focus on personal motivation and how it relates to leadership in one’s personal and professional life. Watch the video below for a peek into the BB&T Leadership Series where today’s best and brightest thought leaders share their insights on leadership.

Don’t forget to learn more about John O’Leary and his connection to BB&T. Have you overcome any challenges? How do you strive to be the best version of yourself?

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23 Responses to “How to Be the Best Version of Yourself”

  1. Bring on the challenges! Doing things that make us a little uncomfortable is how we grow and become even better.

  2. I love all of these tips, especially stopping the negative self-talk. I try to live a positive lifestyle and that includes being positive towards myself as well.

  3. Finding balance is always important. Balance for yourself with personal time and balance with your family. Be gone negative people and boo hooers. Only positive thoughts and people.

  4. You rock! I love your advice. My daughter is an aspiring mathematician and so happy she has strong women like you to look up to.

  5. I have been trying to stop putting myself down and talking about my weight and getting my husband to stop calling me names even when he is teasing as I don’t like the impression it is leaving my son. Because I wouldn’t want him to treat himself or his family this way when he grows up and gets married.

    • EngineerMommy

      I’m sorry to hear that, Glenda! It’s important not to allow anyone to demean us, even if it’s portrayed as a joke! Stay strong in your self-worth!

  6. This is great advice! I get stuck in the negative self talking from time to time too. I remind myself to stop it lol!

  7. There is always room for self-improvement and these are definitely great points to work on. John O’Leary’s work sounds very inspiring!

  8. Finding balance can always be the most tricky of them all. It is hard to juggle it all and still have some downtime.

  9. And don’t hang out with negative people. Run from them!! I’ve learned the hard way.

  10. This is such an uplifting post! A lot of us really do try to be our best; too often we can let things get to us.

    • EngineerMommy

      Agreed! It’s all too easy to let little things get in the way. Always keep an eye on the big picture! 🙂

  11. I know a few areas I could improve on. Being the best version of yourself takes a lot of hard work and dedication.

  12. Great ideas! I would like to see each one broken down into actionable steps, and how to overcome one’s own issues. I could see a post for each one of your ideas!

  13. Balance is really important, I learned that the hard way when I was working for corporate America. It’s definitely good to enjoy life while also working hard otherwise, you’re going to feel that much dreaded burnout!

  14. These are all great tips and tricks for learning how to be the best version of yourself! Thanks for this!

  15. I really enjoyed reading your post. I love all of your tips. Self love is so important and avoiding negative people.

  16. Of all of these, I can honestly say that negative self-talk is something I am so guilty of. I am starting to hear my kids saying similar things so I really need to work on stopping it.

  17. Number 5 speaks to me the loudest. I think a lot of us are guilty of putting ourselves down or not giving ourselves enough credit. I have to remind myself of this often.

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