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Feb 182017

I cannot believe that I have been blogging for about 6 years! It is truly mind-blowing to me that I have taken one of my passions (creating something and sharing it) and turned it into a business for myself. Today, I will share some of my most important blogging tools. Whether you’ve always wanted to start a blog or you’re trying to take your current blog to the next level, keep reading for my top five tools for bloggers.

While blogging is a multi-tasking endeavor that requires writing, photographing, editing, promoting and so much more, this post will focus on the photography component of a blogger’s life. I would say that at least half of the work that goes into a post is related to photography. So today’s post will focus on the top three essentials for getting great blog photos.

Essential Tools for Bloggers


1. Professional Lighting: The truth is that nothing beats natural light. However, let’s be honest- it’s not often that the sun is shining at just the right intensity at just the right angle. Plus, as a blogger, you will often find yourself doing projects (and needing to take pictures) in the evening. Dark pictures are a big no-no, so you will need to invest in some great lighting options. This set here is a great beginner option for most bloggers.

2. Photo Props: When taking a photo for a blog post, it’s important to set the stage. It really helps to bring the picture to life and give the picture more authenticity. Photographing a delicious meal? Add gorgeous kitchen towels and some sleek cutlery. Photographing a DIY quilt on your sofa? Make the scene look extra inviting with some cute throw pillows. Including props into your photos will make a big difference in the overall effect of your pictures.

3. Camera: Being able to take high-quality pictures and videos is crucial for a successful blogger. I recently discovered the HAMSWAN Action Camera and I’m so impressed by how it packs a wide variety of useful features into a compact size. Featuring an ultra wide-angle lens (170 degrees), this camera is perfect for both scenery shots and close-range shots. It includes an impressive waterproof housing that is safe for depths up to 98 feet- this is perfect for underwater sports. Take this camera with you to capture life as it happens. Just look at the tiny size of this camera!

3 Essential Tools for Bloggers: Photography Edition

3 Essential Tools for Bloggers: Photography Edition

Want to capture the kids playing at the park? No problem! Want to capture the amazing flight of dozens of birds in the sky? No problem! Want to capture the great fun & adventure of snorkeling? No problem! The impressive 2 inch HD display is bright and clear. I love that it’s such a small, feature-packed camera that I can take with me everywhere. Check out how bright the screen is!
3 Essential Tools for Bloggers: Photography Edition

3 Essential Tools for Bloggers: Photography Edition

I love that this camera is equipped with a WiFi module, letting me connect to the HAMSWAN App (FinalCam on Android & Apple devices). This allows me to fully control all functions of the camera and play back photos/videos from my smartphone! Check out how I connected the camera to my phone here and I can see the video recording directly on my phone!
3 Essential Tools for Bloggers: Photography Edition

3 Essential Tools for Bloggers: Photography Edition

This multi-purpose camera can even be used as a drive recorder, thanks to it’s anti-shake & motion detection (G sensor) technologies. You can record in up to 1080p and take photos at resolutions of up to 12MP. You can even attach the back housing to be able to connect the camera to a standard tripod or to attach the camera to the car’s dashboard.
3 Essential Tools for Bloggers: Photography Edition

3 Essential Tools for Bloggers: Photography Edition

Perhaps one of the most impressive parts of this camera is just how many accessories it comes with. This camera comes with a waterproof case, fixed base, protective door, fixed base, straps, back clamp, adhesive mounts, adhesive tapes, bicycle stand, base, adapter, cords, USB cable, wire rope, switch supports and cleaning cloth. It even comes with a spare 1050mAh high capacity battery, so you will never be left without power to record! All you need is an external micro SD card (up to 32GB).
3 Essential Tools for Bloggers: Photography Edition

3 Essential Tools for Bloggers: Photography Edition

Below is a picture taken with this camera. Pretty impressive for an affordable camera that’s super tiny, right?
3 Essential Tools for Bloggers: Photography Edition

3 Essential Tools for Bloggers: Photography Edition

Now, I’d love to hear from you. What are your must-have tools for great blog photos? Would you like to start a blog?

Thank you to HAMSWAN for partnering with me on this post. All opinions expressed in this post are mine alone.

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24 Responses to “3 Essential Tools for Bloggers: Photography Edition”

  1. Oh the lighting! I am still learning about artificial light – I take all my photos in natural light, but that isn’t exactly sustainable. I need to spend some serious time working on my lighting skills.

  2. I need some good photo props and you’ve just reminded me to look for some. I could use better lighting as well. Mine is the worst for photos. I’ll use your tips to try to up my photo game.

  3. I have so many props I have to have my own prob cupboard 😉 That camera looks amazing though and I really need to investigate some lighting before next winter!

    • As for lighting in winter, I try and wait for those occasional sunny days but when it’s constant grey skies and rain outside (I live in Ireland, not called the ‘Emerald Isle’ for nothing) I have discovered clip on LED lights. I display my pictures on a painters easel and clip one or more lights onto the easel and then shine then either onto the item in question or onto ordinary white rain umbrellas to reflect the light. I also find using a white sheet as a plain background helps. All I use is the sheet, the easel, I have 3 LED lights if needed, and some heavy card which is folded to support the sheet around 3 sides of the easel and a couple of white golf umbrellas. All household or easily available props for little cost but as good as anything I could spend hundreds of dollars on.

  4. I would love to get an umbrella for my camera. That’s something I don’t have. I think my most important tool as a blogger is pic money because photoshop is no longer and is subscription based anyway and I just discovered canva for helping me make Pinterest pins.

    • EngineerMommy

      Yes, a program to edit photos is also a must-have! I have found some free software options online that work well for my needs.

  5. Totally agree with all of what you are saying. I just can’t afford right now the professional lighting stuff. Maybe someday.

  6. Sorry but the one thing I ‘must’ have for my written and photographed (though not yet on the net) blog is an old fashioned 35mm camera. I have just purchased a new one and have a second older one. I find the pictures are much better, I have the negatives which keep for decades – unlike those from a digital camera which don’t keep (from unfortunate personal experience) – and the prints, needed when making a photo album/written record of your blog to carry with you to show others because you can’t always access something online, stay as they are again for decades whereas the modern printers for digital photographs unfortunately fade relatively quickly. As my local historical group found out, even top quality printed digital photos fade after a couple of years and the CDs they print the ‘negatives’ onto also ‘fade’ or really just fall apart equally quickly, those special photos you took and which you need to access again 5 years later have gone for good. ps: we discovered as a result of this debacle the guilty party is the ink used on the CDs to print the pretty labels, something in the composition of it eats into the plastic of the CD and destroys the information recorded on it. As a result we lost everything because despite the best security laptops can lose your stuff (just pass it near a half decent magnet and you’ll see what I mean) and when the supposed back-up CD and prints disintegrate – in a manner of speaking – after a few years as well you lose irreplaceable information and photos. By all means use a digital, we still do, but use an old 35mm camera as well, we now do, because double the back-up is always good. Great article though.

    • EngineerMommy

      Yes, I can see the benefits of a 35 mm camera, too. For me, digital is just easier and more convenient. Thanks for visiting! Have a fabulous weekend!

  7. I’ve been blogging for just over 6 years now as well! I agree, those are definitely in my top must-haves as well 😉

  8. Lots of great info – I will definitely be checking into some of these products, especially that mini camera. I personally, would really like to upgrade my lens.

  9. Very interesting. Love this.

  10. I love the professional studio. I bought the light boxes some time ago, but in hindsight, I wish I would have gotten the umbrellas.
    The camera looks awesome! I need to look into it!

  11. I’m obsessed with buying photography equipment! Ever since I invested in my new camera, I can’t stop buying things like backdrops

  12. Having good lighting is absolutely essential, especially if you run out of daylight and cannot shoot in natural lighting. And a good camera is an absolute must!

  13. I’ve been blogging for 6 years too! I am always looking for ways to up my photography game.

  14. What an awesome tool. I love taking pictures, especially outside. I have found that as long as the lighting is right, the pics will be amazing.

  15. How much is that HAMSWAN Action Camera?

  16. I try to take photos when I have natural light, but as you mentioned sometimes the angle isn’t right or you’re photographing at night. A light kit is essential. That, and a great camera!

  17. First, I LOVE your nails!!
    I agree with all of your tools listed. My most necessary is that amazing lighting. I use it in almost every post (except travel posts)

  18. I really want to get a great camera. And it is funny, the one I do have, I neglect to use because Of my phone though I know a camera would take much better pictures. Yup! the lighting is necessary to for great photos. Great ideas here.

  19. It’s definitely important to invest in a good camera and to learn the basics of using it. I think this is a pretty awesome guide!

  20. Thanks for sharing these useful recommendations! I need a good lighting studio kit and will check out your idea!

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