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Jul 252017

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Sometimes we all need a change. Maybe we’ve been in a hairstyle rut (hello ponytail!) for a few years. Maybe we need to break out of the yoga pants uniform. If you’re looking for a way to change your look today, check out these five easy, fool-proof ways to spice up your appearance.

5 Easy Ways to Change Your Look Today

1. Cut your hair short!
Sometimes a dramatic hair cut can go a long way in transforming your look. A cute bob is flattering on most face shapes. Or if you’re even braver, you can go for a super short, spiky look. It’s an easy, fairly affordable way to change your look in no time. The best part? Hair always grows back, so this is not a life-long commitment. Embrace change & embrace your new look!

5 Easy Ways to Change Your Look Today

5 Easy Ways to Change Your Look Today

2. Go for a bold hair color!
Want a super quick way to spice up your look? Try changing your hair color. Many people opt for a lighter color during summer and a darker color during winter, but there are no hard & fast rules. Go with your gut and try a different hair color today. Even adding highlights to your hair can help add a bit of dimension to your hair and change your appearance. This is the hair color I like to use at home.

3. Try a fun wig!
Consider purchasing some synthetic lace front wigs for a fun change that can happen in an instant. At Black Hairspray, you can choose from thousands of wigs and hair care products from the convenience of your home. Their clients consist of professional hairdresser, beauticians, moms, students, and more. So the next time you’re looking for a great wig, check out #BlackHairspray for a wide collection of high-quality wigs.

5 Easy Ways to Change Your Look Today

5 Easy Ways to Change Your Look Today

4. Get out of your wardrobe comfort zone!
What do you wear on a daily basis? Yoga pants and tank tops? Summer dresses every day? Try to break out of your wardrobe rut and venture into new outfit options. Start small by choosing colors or patterns that are different from your norm. Work your way toward trying completely new outfit combinations.

5. Experiment with makeup!
Don’t be shy at the makeup counter. Try on some bold colors and easily transform your look. Go for dark, smokey eyes or a bold, red lip (it’s best to pick one feature to emphasize). Add some bronzer and highlighter and you’re good to go! Many beauty stores nowadays offer free samples and free makeup lessons to those looking to learn a thing or two. Here is a great palette that has everything you need to make up your face.

5 Easy Ways to Change Your Look Today

5 Easy Ways to Change Your Look Today

I hope these tips have inspired you to experiment with your look. There are several times throughout the year, where I challenge myself to try new looks. It’s fun and totally do-able!

Now, I’d love to hear from you. Do you ever wear a wig to change your look? Have you experimented with new outfit combinations? Do you like the idea of dying your hair a different color?

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12 Responses to “5 Easy Ways to Change Your Look Today”

  1. These are some awesome ideas, I love how easy they are to do as well, I keep meaning to have a play with makeup and see what I can do!

  2. Never tried wearing a wig before. Usually just get a new outfit or change up my hairstyle or color.

  3. I cut my hair short a while back and I love it. It was such an easy way to change my look up!

  4. I totally like to experiment with my hairstyles. And I’m not afraid to go bold with lipstick!

  5. I totally agree with getting out of your comfort zone – for me that is a short haircut. I go back and forth on whether I want to take the plunge. Love the idea of a wig but it’s usually too hot here in Texas to even think it.

  6. My mom is a hair dresser and she always says hair changes everything. I have been thinking about cutting my hair short because my baby keep pulling it!

  7. My favorite is the short haircut. A short bob is also cute, and just last year I colored mine the exact red in the first picture. Absolutely love it!

  8. I’ve thought about going with another short haircut, but I have to say the wig appeals to me as you can change up your look instantly and then go back to what you are used to!

  9. This reminds me that I have to dye my hair again! I love bold colors, but I have dark hair and don’t want to bleach it, so I usually just go with a nice plum. In an ideal world, I’d have purple hair!

  10. I have never worn a wig. I did color my hair a completely different color many, many years ago, it was a horrid experience that I had to live with for months.

  11. I want to try a wig and I have always wanted to add a little color to my hair but I am afraid to change it. Cutting my hair shorter is the only thing I always do.

  12. I love getting a new haircut or color. Cutting my hair short has never been a scary thing for me, and I love trying out new freaky hair colors.

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