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Mar 012016

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Basketball season is a fun time in our house! We always have friends & family come over to watch our favorite games! We all gather around the TV, cheer on our favorite players and enjoy plenty of good food! To make sure I don’t let me heartburn stop me from enjoying all the delicious food & festivities, I went to Walmart to buy some Nexium 24HR 42 ct. Now I can be prepared to dive right into something like this Spicy Meatball Parm Sub!

Spicy Meatball Parm Sub

Spicy Meatball Parm Sub

Spicy Meatball Parm Sub

This flavorful sub is pure perfection! It features such a lovely balances of textures. I love the crunchiness of the bread, the spiciness of the pasta sauce, the heartiness of the meatballs and the creaminess of the melted cheese! Now that I’ve stocked up on Nexium 24HR, I can enjoy all the flavors this sports season has to offer, including the super spicy tomato sauce of this delicious sub!
Nexium 24HR

Nexium 24HR

Did you know that Nexium 24HR is the new #1 selling frequent heartburn brand*? (*Based on IRI sales data 52 weeks ending 11/1/15 among OTC brands. May take 1 to 4 days for full effect. Use as directed.)
Nexium 24HR

Nexium 24HR

I love being prepared, and with Nexium 24HR on my side, I am ready for a spontaneous celebratory dinner out with my husband or a last-minute at-home gathering with friends & family! I have been taking Nexium 24HR and I love that it’s just 1 pill a day! It’s such a simple solution for frequent heartburn.

So, let’s get to the recipe for the Spicy Meatball Parm Sub now!

Spicy Meatball Parm Sub
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1019 calories
41 g
574 g
60 g
74 g
27 g
429 g
1179 g
8 g
2 g
26 g
Nutrition Facts
Serving Size
Amount Per Serving
Calories 1019
Calories from Fat 540
% Daily Value *
Total Fat 60g
Saturated Fat 27g
Trans Fat 2g
Polyunsaturated Fat 4g
Monounsaturated Fat 22g
Cholesterol 574mg
Sodium 1179mg
Total Carbohydrates 41g
Dietary Fiber 4g
Sugars 8g
Protein 74g
Vitamin A
Vitamin C
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your Daily Values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.
  1. 1 sub roll
  2. 1/2 cup pasta sauce
  3. 3/4 tsp. crushed red pepper flakes
  4. 1/2 lb ground beef
  5. 2 eggs
  6. 1/4 cup breadcrumbs
  7. 2 slices mozzarella cheese
  1. 1. Combine the ground beef, eggs, breadcrumbs and 1/4 tsp of the crushed red pepper flakes in a mixing bowl.
  2. 2. Form the meat mixture into round meatballs.
  3. 3. Fry on a pan over medium-high heat until meatballs are brown & crispy and cooked throughout.
  4. 4. Place 3 meatballs on the sub roll.
  5. 5. Add the remaining crushed red pepper flakes to the pasta sauce and top the meatballs with this sauce.
  6. 6. Top with the mozzarella cheese and place under the broiler for 2-4 minutes to melt the cheese. Serve warm.
Engineer Mommy http://engineermommy.com/
I love making meatballs. It’s a dish that my mom used to make for me often when I was a kid, so I really enjoy making them for my family now.

Spicy Meatball Parm Sub

Spicy Meatball Parm Sub

When forming the meatballs, I find that if I wet my hands with some water, the meatballs are easier to handle and form into nice, round balls.
Spicy Meatball Parm Sub

Spicy Meatball Parm Sub

When cooking the meatballs on the pan, rotate and flip them often until brown on all sides & cooked throughout.
Spicy Meatball Parm Sub

Spicy Meatball Parm Sub

To add a bit more flavor to my pasta sauce, I added some crushed red pepper flakes.
Spicy Meatball Parm Sub

Spicy Meatball Parm Sub

Assembling the sandwich was easy- and totally fun! First, I placed three meatballs on my roll.
Spicy Meatball Parm Sub

Spicy Meatball Parm Sub

I topped the meatballs with a generous amount of my spicy tomato sauce.
Spicy Meatball Parm Sub

Spicy Meatball Parm Sub

I also added some cheese and melted the cheese under the broiler. This sandwich is so delicious!
Spicy Meatball Parm Sub

Spicy Meatball Parm Sub

This is always a hit at our family gatherings. Everyone loves the spicy tomato sauce paired with the heartiness of the meatballs.
Spicy Meatball Parm Sub

Spicy Meatball Parm Sub

And with Nexium 24HR, I can be prepared to enjoy all the festive meals of the sports season!
Spicy Meatball Parm Sub

Spicy Meatball Parm Sub

While I was at Walmart picking up my Nexium 24HR, I also picked up a bottle of Advil Liqui-Gels 20 ct. I always keep a bottle of Advil on hand in my purse or in my desk to be prepared for anything! I can enjoy all the fun moments of enjoying the basketball games with my family without being hindered by aches & pains! *Please ask a doctor before use if you have a history of stomach problems, such as heartburn.
Advil Liquid-Gels

Advil Liquid-Gels

Be sure to pick up Nexium 24HR and Advil Liqui-Gels from the pharmacy section of your local Walmart! Be sure to this coupon here to save on Nexium 24HR and this coupon here to save on Advil.
Finding products at Walmart

Finding products at Walmart

Now, learn more about how Nexium 24HR is a perfect solution for frequent heartburn and tell me: Are you excited to watch all the basketball games of March? Does your family enjoy gathering together with good food to watch your favorite teams play basketball?

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16 Responses to “Spicy Meatball Parm Sub”

  1. My boyfriend is fond of spicy food so having Nexium around helps a lot. That sub looks delicious!

  2. The Parm sub reminded me of The Goldbergs. I use to have bad heartburn until my chiropractor did something weird and I haven’t had it again.

  3. My husband and I both love spicy foods and we never know when one is going to irritate us, so having Nexium nearby sounds like a great solution to make it through basketball season! #client

  4. I swear the best part of sports is all the food at the championship events. This meatball sub looks and sounds amazing.

  5. Heartburn can be so annoying especially when I was pregnant. By the way, you have an awesome recipe.

  6. Yum! Meatball subs are one of our favorite meals. They can definitely give me hearburn though.

  7. I love meatball subs! This recipe looks so yummy I am sure my family will go crazy for it.

  8. I need to try and make these meat balls. I’m not confident I can get them to look at pretty.

  9. This sounds like a delicious meal! I always take Nexium for repeated heartburn. It would be needed after spicy food for sure.

  10. This looks great and would definitely pair well with Nexium! I am sure the meatball flavor must be incredible – sounds so perfect right now!

  11. Oh yum, honestly I rarely eat any red sauces because of my reflux issues. I used to use Nexium ever so often, thanks for the reminder it’s great to have Nexium on hand.

  12. Yumm… It looks so delicious!! Can’t wait to try this recipe!!

  13. this recipe!? divine!
    and heartburn is the absolute worst! only time i had it was when i was pregnant and i quite literally felt like my insides were on fire….terrible!

  14. Hubby likes spicy and he would gobble this down in a minute. I like meatballs, but I have acid reflex disease, but I’d pop a pill for this sandwich in a heartbeat. hehehehehe~

  15. Heartburn is the worst! Glad there are options like Nexium to help. And this sub! Girl, I need to have this now

  16. These Spicy Meatball Parm Subs sound so delicious. I love red pepper flakes on a lot of my food and I think the they are good for the heart anyway. After eating things like this sub I do know Nexium 24HR would be something I would probably have to take because of heartburn. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

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