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Dec 152016

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Mornings are quite hectic in my house! Getting the kids dressed, fed and out of the door on time is an epic challenge on some days. That doesn’t mean I want to leave the house looking like a hot mess. I always try to spend a few minutes in front of the mirror to make sure I look presentable. Want to know my go-to beauty products for a quick morning routine? Keep reading!

Quick Morning Beauty Routine

After waking up, I start by washing my face with a foam cleanser and applying a BB cream. I really love the simplicity and convenience of a great multi-purpose product. I recently tried the 100% PURE® BB cream and I’m loving the rich coverage and smooth consistency of this product. This BB cream gives my skin a healthy, natural-looking glow! I love that 100% PURE® is an organic cosmetics beauty company that is focused on taking care of the skin in a pure, healthy way.

Quick Morning Beauty Routine

Quick Morning Beauty Routine

The BB cream color I chose was #20 Aglow and it’s a perfect match for my skin tone. It really makes my skin complexion look flawless (thanks to unique light-reflecting pigments) and it only takes seconds to apply this product to my face. And since this product has an SPF of 15, I don’t have to bother with a separate sunscreen.
Quick Morning Beauty Routine

Quick Morning Beauty Routine

After taking care of my face, I usually turn my attention to my eyes. I am absolutely loving the 100% PURE® maracuja mascara. This lengthening mascara comes in a gorgeous silver packaging. Did you know that all 100% PURE® products are cruelty-free and free of harmful toxins, artificial colors, fragrances and synthetic chemical preservatives? As someone who is trying to make the switch to more natural products, I really appreciate this fact!
Quick Morning Beauty Routine

Quick Morning Beauty Routine

Mascara is definitely an essential product for busy mornings, because it’s an easy, quick way to give my eyes more definition. Check out my eyes before and after applying this mascara! I love that this 100% organic mascara lasts all day without flaking off.
Quick Morning Beauty Routine

Quick Morning Beauty Routine

Pretty impressive, right? Needless to say, I’m definitely a fan of this mascara! Finally, some color on the lips is all I need before being ready to leave the house. The semi-matte lipstick from 100% PURE® has such a smooth & creamy formulation that effortlessly glides onto the lips. This luscious lipstick made with premium, cruelty-free ingredients and is available in a multitude of different colors.

made with premium, cruelty-free ingredients

Quick Morning Beauty Routine

Quick Morning Beauty Routine

I love the semi-matte finish and how it lasts on my lips for hours!
Quick Morning Beauty Routine

Quick Morning Beauty Routine

Be sure to check out 100% PURE® products and experience skin care and cosmetic products that are designed with pure beauty in mind. Try this line that is known as “health food for your skin”!

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17 Responses to “Quick Morning Beauty Routine”

  1. I love that these products are organic. That mascara makes such a difference. Your routine is so easy and you look beautiful!

  2. It’s definitely not easy to find time for yourself when there are kids around, but I love that you found a way to squeeze it in.

  3. Sounds like an easy routine. Do they have products for men?

  4. 100% Pure has great products, don’ty they? made with natural ingredients. amazing

  5. This looks like an easy enough routine! I will freely admit that I get lazy in the morning because I’d much prefer to sleep in lol! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  6. Finding and using 100 percent natural products is a big plus and must for me. First they don’t make my skin break out or have a reaction. Interested in the face cleanser, mascara and love that lipstick.

  7. I really need to focus on setting up a beauty routine in the morning. I just find it hard because each morning is so different that I may not have the extra time.

  8. My daughter has recently developed an allergy to her makeup. She should try this 100% PURE brand, it sounds great.

  9. I have been having a lot of early mornings lately so quick is exactly what I need. Your lashes look awesome with that mascara.

  10. I love organic products… i can’t wait to try this brand, sounds pretty good!

  11. I’m all about anything quick and simple. I should really give BB Cream a try!

  12. A quick morning routine is definitely needed in my house. Will check out this mascara because that is one of my MUST wear items…I have no eyes without it.

  13. I love simple morning routines and this one seems perfect to me though I don’t wear BB creams.

  14. I want to wear makeup more often, but the time it takes is something that always sets me back. Thanks for sharing your routine!

  15. You can’t go wrong with BB cream!! Great products!!

  16. This sounds like an easy routine! I love organic products ad would love to try this brand!

  17. A simple but beautiful morning routine, Jennifer! A lovely post! After seeing the difference between eyelashes before and after mascara, I want that mascara! I’ve pinned your lovely picture as well. Good job!

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