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Feb 152016

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of SnowCast for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Maybe it has to do with my background in engineering, but I really enjoy planning things! When I wake up in the morning, I love to immediately take out my calendar, along with a cup of coffee, and figure out which errands I need to accomplish that day. I usually set aside a few hours in the morning to take care of blog-related duties: responding to emails, writing posts, being active on social media, etc. After that, I usually like to plan an outing with my daughters! We might head to the park, go to the mall, meet some friends at a play gym, etc. However, Winter weather can definitely be unpredictable and that’s why I’m loving the SnowCast app! It lets me see exactly how much snowfall my area will receive over the next few hours or days! Download the app here to get snowfall totals for your area! #MySnowCast



Just yesterday, after finishing some blog-related tasks, I wanted to invite some of my daughter’s friends over for a play date in our backyard. I was about to text my friend to schedule this play date, but I wasn’t sure whether the weather would cooperate. So I quickly checked the SnowCast app.

Planning my day with SnowCast

Planning my day with SnowCast

Although it is cold outside during this time of year, we have a huge play set in the backyard and the kids really enjoy running around and playing out there, even if it’s for only 15 minutes at a time! I’m so glad I checked the app, because it showed that we were going to get some snow over the next 3 hours! 



I really love how I can check the total snowfall over different time periods! I can check the total snowfall over the next 48 hours in 6-hour increments! And the app was so simple to install and use. All I needed to do was download the app from the App Store, install it on my phone and enter in my location! The app loaded the current data for my local area very quickly! Here is how much snow my area was going to receive over the next 44 hours! Isn’t this such a neat app?! I love how easy and intuitive the user interface is! Download the app here and check it out today!



After seeing how much snow my area was predicted to receive, I decided that a play date in our backyard was not a good idea! We decided to meet our friends at a local mall, where we can all stay indoors- warm & dry! When we got back home from the mall, there was definitely some snow on the ground- just like the app predicted!

Planning my day with SnowCast

Planning my day with SnowCast

Our backyard, although pretty with snow on the lawn, was not the perfect place for a play date! Thanks to the SnowCast app, I will always know what to expect when it comes to snowfall!

Planning my day with SnowCast

Planning my day with SnowCast

So, be sure to check out the SnowCast app for iOS and you’ll never be caught off guard by Winter weather again! Find out how many inches of snow your area will receive! Here are some other ways I’ve been thinking of using the app to better plan my days!

  • Should my husband shovel the sidewalk tonight or wait until the morning?
  • Is today a good day to go for a jog around the neighborhood, or will excessive snowfall make that impossible?
  • Will school be cancelled tomorrow due to snow accumulation?
  • Can we head to the park tomorrow, or will there be too much snow?

I really love that you can even set a notification to have the phone let you know if your area will receive an excessive amount of snow! And the SnowCast app features NOAA winter weather warnings and advisories, so you can rest assured that the data is accurate!

Download the app here to keep track of the expected snowfall in your area! Now, tell me: Have you tried the SnowCast app? Would you like to be able to predict the amount of snowfall in your area so you can better plan your days?!

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18 Responses to “Planning my day with SnowCast”

  1. That looks like a really cool app! We live in South Georgia and are lucky if we get to see a flurry each year haha! I love snow and wish we could at least have one to stick while my daughter is still young enough to play in it!

  2. I would download that app in a second if it would BRING snow!
    We have had hardly any all winter and it’s horrible. (yes, I am one of those people that actually Wants snow in winter!!). I will share this with my friends in Ontario..they seem to at least get snow!

  3. Growing up in a place that snowed 8 months out of the year, all I can say is: thank goodness I don’t need this app in my life right now! It would have come in handy for my mom all those years ago. I’ll let my friends know about this app though!

  4. What a brilliant and useful app! I love apps like this. Not quite the same but I have one for my local buses. I just type in where I am and where I’m going and it works out which bus, stop and when.

  5. I have never heard of this. We have been getting a good amount of snow lately so I will give it a try.

  6. I haven’t tried it, but this seems like an awfully useful app! It’s always great to be prepared for anything you have going on.

  7. This is a great app! It would really be helpful to know snowfall for the next hours and days.

  8. The snow app can really help you plan your activities on snowy days. It can help you prepare also for the longer snow period.

  9. This Snowcast app does indeed sound amazing. Here winter last more than 3 months and we get a lot of snow most of the time too. I will have to look into this app for sure.

  10. Wow this app seems amazing. I don’t go out much but during the winter I’d love to know the weather and happenings outside before I go especially in our gross bad Canadian winters! This sounds pretty great and useful.

  11. We don’t get snow down here, but this app sounds very useful for area that do get snow! Here lately, we need something like that for rain 🙂

  12. Man we could have really used that app this winter! Heck it may not be over yet so it could still come in useful!

  13. what an amazing app, I am lucky that we hardly ever have snow here but i think this would be useful to most.

  14. Living in Florida, I dream of those snow covered images. I would love having snowcast to tell me it is skii time!

  15. I’ve never heard of this before but it sounds like a cool app. I need to check it out!!

  16. I have never heard of this app before. I think we are supposed to get some snow tomorrow so it will give me the perfect opportunity to check it out!

  17. Sounds like a wonderful app that could come so handy when you have to deal with cold weather. This could be so so helpful to plan your travel or shopping as you will be aware about the upcoming snowfall details clearly.

  18. That is awesome, I love apps that work with the weather, I use a similar app here in Florida when I am on my bike so I am not caught in the rain.

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