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Mar 022016

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Now that both of my daughters are in school, germs are everywhere! It seems like (at least) one of us is sick any given week! When my girls get sick, I have a number of go-to essentials that help us all get through the period of illness quickly and painlessly. One of my main must-have items when dealing with any illness, especially the dreaded stomach “bug”, is Pedialyte! This electrolyte solution combats dehydration due to exercise, illness, heat exhaustion or travel.

Battling the dreaded stomach "bug"

Battling the dreaded stomach “bug”

Did you know that Pedialyte is the #1 pediatrician-recommended oral electrolyte solution? When it comes to keeping my family hydrated, nothing compares to Pedialyte. Available in liquid, powder packs and freezer pops, Pedialyte makes it totally easy (and fun) to re-hydrate. There are so many delicious flavors, including Bubble Gum, Strawberry Lemonade and Grape. We always try to pick up a few bottles of Pedialyte whenever we’re at Walmart.
Whenever a stomach “bug” hits our house, it totally disrupts all our plans and generally makes life quite difficult. We have to cancel all our plans and stay home. We have to take it easy & rest as much as possible. Drinking Pedialyte when we’re sick is a smart move, because Pedialyte prevents mild to moderate dehydration by replacing lost fluids and electrolytes. Unlike sports drinks, soda and juice, Pedialyte is actually formulated with the ideal balance of sugar and sodium to combat dehydration due to vomiting and diarrhea in children & adults. Since the taste is great and there are so many fun flavors, my girls love to drink it, which makes giving them some Pedialyte a breeze!
Battling the dreaded stomach "bug"

Battling the dreaded stomach “bug”

Just last week, my daughter came home from school feeling a little under the weather. She didn’t really have an appetite and didn’t want to play. So we cuddled and I gave her some Pedialyte in a cup. Apparently, a stomach “bug” had been going around the classroom that week and it had made a stop at our house! Fortunately, within 24 hours, she was feeling so much better! Here are the things we did to make her feel more comfortable as she battled this stomach “bug”!
Battling the dreaded stomach "bug"

Battling the dreaded stomach “bug”

Tips for Battling a Stomach Bug

  • Liquid diet: Don’t force your nauseous child to eat when he/she doesn’t have an appetite. Sipping an electrolyte solution like Pedialyte is best! Pedialyte helps restore the body’s potassium, sodium and chloride minerals, also known as electrolytes.
  • Homemade soup: When the child is starting to get hungry, start with mild, bland foods. Homemade soup and toast are good ideas.
  • Plenty of rest: Encourage the child to lie down and rest. Now is a great time to put on his/her favorite TV show and do some cuddling together.

Now that my daughters are exposed to germs at school every day, I think it’s so important to teach them how to practice proper hygiene to prevent the transmission of germs. These are some simple, easy steps that they can take to keep themselves healthier and keep the germs at bay!

How to Reduce Transmission of Germs

  • Teach your child to wash their hands often with soap & water. Set a timer for 20 seconds in the bathroom and tell your child that he/she can’t stop washing until the timer goes off!
  • Let your kids rub some hand sanitizer into their hands if you are out of the house and need to disinfect their little fingers.
  • Encourage your child to sneeze into their closed elbow to prevent the transmission of germs to others.
  • Discourage your child from ever sharing drinks with their friends and explain to them how germs can spread through a shared straw.
  • Teach your child to always throw used tissues into the trash bin. Leaving them behind on the floor or a table for another little kid to discover can spread germs quickly.

Be sure to head to your local Walmart to find Pedialyte! Look for it in a special end-cap display in the Baby section of the store. I found the Pedialyte once I got to the Baby section- it was very easy to find!

Finding Pedialyte in Walmart

Finding Pedialyte in Walmart

Before you visit the store, make sure you take advantage of this amazing Ibotta offer: $2 off any (2) one liters!


Now, learn more about how Pedialyte can help your busy family with hydration and tell me: What are your tips for dealing with a child with a stomach “bug”? Are you also a fan of Pedialyte? #goodbyeflu #seethelyte

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18 Responses to “Battling the dreaded stomach “bug””

  1. Pedialyte was my BFF when my kids were little. I always depended on Pedialyte when they were battling a stomach bug.

  2. Pedialyte is definitely one of my go-to relief medicines when feeling dehydrated or having a bad tummy!

  3. Yes, there are a few bugs going around our school right now too! So far we’ve escaped unscathed, but I know it’s only a matter of time. I haven’t actually given Pedialyte to my own kids yet, but this is a timely reminder to grab some when the next stomach bug hits our house!

  4. These are great tips. It’s hard seeing the little ones suffering from an upset stomach. Pedialyte sounds like a great solution to keep around.

  5. I hate this time of year for stomach bugs, seems one is always going around. Pedialyte is a great way to stay hydrated while not feeling well.

  6. Ugh stomach bugs are the worst! I had one while I was pregnant recently and thought I was going to die! I was chugging Pedialyte when I could finally keep liquids down.

  7. Great article! I don’t have kids but I have a boyfriend and when they’re sick that’s basically the same thing! Thanks for these tips! The liquid diet is what I stick to as an adult when one of these things graces me with its presence.

  8. Pedialyte is always my go to! I always have some on hand, and I think it works wonders!

  9. Talk about perfect timing! There’s a 24 hour stomach bug going through my house right now (it’s do awful!) <3

  10. Poor baby. There nothing worse than a stomach bug. Keeping hydrated is so important

  11. I have tried Pedialyte to replace lost electrolytes from my child. It works! It hastens the recuperation of my child.

  12. The stomach bug is the worst. Knock on wood we haven’t had it in a few years. My youngest used to bring home every illness from daycare. Im sure next year will be rough since he will be going to Kindergarten.

  13. I don’t think I was ever made to try Pedialyte when I was a kid but I would hear it often from my aunts. It is trusted brand here in my country. I do like that it’s available in powder packs, I think that’s really convenient and handy.

  14. Ugh yes, the return to school after long breaks always bring on an onslaught of germs. Although I haven’t used it in years, I have used Pedialyte many times in the past and always recommend it.

  15. Pedialyte is always in my house. You just never know, and when my kids get sick they really get sick. This helps so much. It’s really great.

  16. I hate stomach bugs they just ruin a good week fast, I am not familiar with this product but thanks for the introduction

  17. This product is interesting, I also hate stomach bugs. So glad to know about this brand.

  18. When my kids were small, I kept a well-stocked supply of Pedialyte. I now keep some on hand for the grand kids. A tummy bug is never fun :(.

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