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Dec 282015


My home decor style has definitely evolved over time. Nowadays, I really love the warmth and coziness offered by rustic decor and I try to incorporate rustic elements into various rooms in my home! In particular, the bedroom is a fabulous space to add some rustic touches, because a warm & inviting mood is ideal for that space! However, if you’re unfamiliar with rustic decor or how to best incorporate it into your home in a thoughtful and intentional way, be sure to check out my tips below. These are general guidelines to keep your bedroom feeling both rustic and chic!

Tips for Designing a Chic Rustic Bedroom

Tips for Designing a Chic Rustic Bedroom

Tips for Designing a Chic Rustic Bedroom

1. Stick to a few colors in your room decor!
This is generally good advice when designing any space in your home. If you want the space to look refined and elegant, pick only a couple of different colors and make sure (nearly) every element in the room belongs to one of those selected colors. Is red your favorite color? Then, be sure to add it to your room in a big way!
I love red as a statement color and I found this really cute rustic bedding from Available in twin, full, queen and king, the Adirondack Getaway Comforter Set lends a wonderfully rustic touch to any bedroom. It’s available in a classic windowpane design, which lends an elegant touch to the bedding!

2. Incorporate nature in the decorative accents.
When designing a space, it’s always important to incorporate elements from nature into the design if you’re going for a rustic look. For example, consider adding any of the following natural elements to your space’s decor: creatures, animals, trees, mountains, etc.
I really love this Lantern Night Light with Moose, which features a really cute moose silhouette. Wouldn’t this be a super cute way to light up a bedroom at night? Illuminate your space with the warm glow of light from this lantern-shaped light!

3. Pay attention to the details.
Sometimes, when designing a bedroom, it can be easy to focus only on the big pieces. However, don’t forget all those little details that will add to the rustic look and make a space feel well-rounded! For example, a great throw pillow or wall artwork can really bring the space up a notch.
I’m totally loving the Crimson Moose Canvas Pillow. Isn’t it a gorgeous addition to any rustic bedroom? I love the deep crimson red color with chocolate brown accents. It’s made of sailcloth, so it will be durable for years. I would love to add this pillow to my bedding set!

4. Go with classic colors for the big pieces.
This is a design philosophy I’ve practiced for many years. I’ve always believed that when it comes to the big, investment-grade pieces, it makes sense to stay with classic colors. You can always add pops of bright color with the accessories & decorative accents. Therefore, if you change your color preferences in a year or two, you won’t have to buy a completely new set of furniture for the whole room. You can simply switch out some of the colorful accessories!
This is just one reason why I love this Rustic 3D Moose Wildlife Mirror! Not only is it framed in tubular steel, which will complement any home decor palette, it also features a really cute moose & 3-dimensional pine tree! What a fabulous mirror for a rustic bedroom!

5. Don’t forget the lighting.
Proper lighting is always essential when designing a space. And when it comes to creating a rustic mood, there’s nothing better than a pair of antlers.
That’s why I totally love this Antler Whitetail Chandelier! With three 60 W lights, this chandelier will provide plenty of light for a bedroom, dining room, hallway, and more. It has been meticulously designed to make sure the antlers look natural & authentic! And I love that it serves both a functional & aesthetic purpose in a rustic bedroom!

I hope these tips help you design a bedroom that’s both rustic and refined! Even if you’re working on revamping another room altogether, these generalized tips will help you narrow your design focus and create a well-designed look! When you’re ready to buy the products for your rustic rooms, be sure to check out the selection at Cabin Place. Headquartered in Grand Rapids, Minnesota, they have been Experts in Rustic Bedding & Decor since 1999! I love that they offer 30 day Hassle Free Returns! And if you subscribe to their newsletter, you will get special deals & product offers in your Inbox! Don’t forget to follow Cabin Place on Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest to stay up-to-date on their latest products & promotions!

Now, visit Cabin Place and tell me: Which room(s) of your house could benefit from some of these adorable rustic touches?!

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28 Responses to “Tips for Designing a Chic Rustic Bedroom”

  1. The rustic look is so lovely and cosy, perfect for this time of year. I love the red bedding with the addition of the tartan, it makes for such a warming space I think. Really great tips for those who are wanting to create this look in their own home.

    Fiona @

  2. Some of these pieces would look awesome in my mom and dad’s cabin! I’ve been dreaming of redoing that place for a while. Love the Moose pillow!

  3. My neighbors are redesigning their home to have a more rustic vibe. I think I’ll forward this on to them because that chandelier would be right up their alley.

  4. I am not that good at decorating but now and again I change up my room and try to stick to few colours in my room. I have to give rustic decor a try in the new year

    • EngineerMommy

      Redecorating is a great way to spruce up your space in the new year! I’m planning on doing some redecorating, too!

  5. These are all such great ideas! I am loving all of the moose decor! So rustic and unique!

  6. These are awesome ideas! I cannot wait to start decorating our house more when we buy a home in the next year or so! 🙂

  7. That is the kind of bedroom my parents would have loved. They had collected so many antlers over the years that they could have made pretty much any kind of decor with them all. Unfortunately, when my dad passed in 2013, my mom decided to sell them all.

  8. I love rustic decor, too…so cozy and homey. These are all great options (makes me want to be tucked away in a cabin with a fireplace – snowed in)! 😉

  9. I love the rustic look for a cabin or weekend getaway! It definitely gives you a sense that you’re in nature, and makes the weekend feel more peaceful!

  10. I love the red plaid bedspread! This is so cozy for winter and the moose accessories are too cute!

  11. We are very into the ourdoors and this would be a great theme in our bedroom. I love the antler chandelier and the lantern lights!

  12. We have red as a statement color in our family room, red rug, red throw pillows. We like it. I also like the chandelier here. I know some hunters who would love that.

  13. Great collection! The antlers over the light fixture just completely transformed that! I wish my son would let me decorate his room like this.

  14. I love that mirror! What a gorgeous room and it gives the feelings of relaxation which is perfect for the holidays.

  15. I am in the process of designing my son’s room and I am looking to go with rustic elements. I love how homely they make things feel. I think Joanna Gaines has really put the love of all things rustic in my heart!

    Headed to take a look at the website now to see what I can find for my son’s room!

  16. Seeing your wonderful rustic look makes me wish to be back in our house in MT again. Still miss it there. We had 20 acres on Canyon Ferry Lake south of Helena. Would go back in heart beat but wouldn’t have what we had then.
    Your rustic room looks so cozy. Not too crazy about antler chandy but guess would be good with all rest. I had lots of red in our living room with western rugs, used horse blankets for covers on tables. Were lucky to have large living room in our double wide. Still miss my wonderful studio in front corner of house that faced the lake, what things to see no matter what time of day or year.
    You always have such great ideas and how to implement them. Keep up good work, enjoy your blog. Happy New Year.

  17. These are very rustic indeed! Love the looks you put together. Makes it look warm and cozy

  18. I love the look of rustics furniture and accessories! I’m not a fan of ‘cabin’ decor per say, but this would be gorgeous for a cabin!

  19. These are all such great ideas! I love rustic decor…So rustic and unique!

  20. Agree with all of your points in here. The LIGHTING part/fixture is the often overlook item. For me, it should always be on top of the list.

  21. A rustic design always gives that feeling of warmth and comfort. I love the Rustic 3d Moose Wildlife Mirror.

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