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I’ve always been someone who likes to organize and plan things. Maybe it’s my background in engineering or maybe it’s the fact that I get super satisfied when things in my life are systematically organized! Whether I’m designing a kitchen, keeping track of the kids’ activities or embarking on a personal health regimen, I like to be able to keep track of it all. Recently, I decided to make my health and fitness a priority in my life… and no, I’m not making any drastic changes to my lifestyle! I’ve always believed that when it comes to my health, small simple changes can make BIG impacts! From striving to get enough sleep to brushing my teeth with Colgate Total® Daily Repair™ toothpaste, I always try to focus on making positive lifestyle choices. To keep track of it all, I made a basic DIY Command Board, featuring a chalkboard side and a dry-erase board side. It was quick & easy to put together and it totally works! #DailyRepairDifference #CollectiveBias

Before I show you my Command Board, please click here to learn more about how Colgate Total® Daily Repair™ toothpaste is a simple step that makes a positive impact in my oral care routine!

Now, here’s a sneak peek at my DIY “Staying Healthy” Command Board!

My DIY "Staying Healthy" Command Board

My DIY “Staying Healthy” Command Board

You may have noticed that one of the items on my “Staying Healthy” checklist is to brush my teeth twice a day. I’ve always practiced a good oral care routine, but keeping this on my daily checklist means that I never miss a day! And speaking of simple changes, I’ve found that the new Colgate Total® Daily Repair™ toothpaste is an easy way to make a big impact in my oral health! As this is a sponsored post, I was compensated for the purchase of this Colgate Total® Daily Repair™ toothpaste, but we’ve always used this toothpaste in our house! We love how well it helps to prevent gingivitis and plaque buildup!
Colgate Total® Daily Repair™ toothpaste

Colgate Total® Daily Repair™ toothpaste

A cool fact I recently learned is that the new Colgate Total® Daily Repair™ toothpaste actually helps reverse early tooth and gum damage, by remineralizing weakened enamel! It has been a part of our oral care routine for a while because we love that it helps to prevent cavities, fights bad breath and even whitens teeth! It’s a great toothpaste all-around!
Colgate Total® Daily Repair™ toothpaste

Colgate Total® Daily Repair™ toothpaste

Now, let me tell you more about that Command Board I set up! First, let’s take a quick look at my “Staying Healthy” checklist that I created to keep track of simple everyday lifestyle changes that I’ve been making!

"Staying Healthy" Checklist

“Staying Healthy” Checklist

  • Drink plenty of water: I try to aim for 8 glasses a day.
  • Eat fruits & vegetables: Seeing this on my checklist really encourages me to get enough servings of nutritious foods (like fruits & veggies) everyday!
  • Exercise: I head to the gym at least 4 days a week, but on the other days, I still try to remain physically active. Even taking the kids to the park or walking around the mall counts!
  • Take daily vitamin: I never forget it now that I see it on my checklist everyday.
  • Brush teeth twice a day: I am a big fan of the new Colgate Total® Daily Repair™ toothpaste and this encourages me to continue practicing a good oral health routine.
  • De-stress: After a long day with the kids, I need some time to rest and decompress. I usually like to listen to some relaxing music and read a book or magazine!
  • Sleep 7-9 hours: With 2 young kids at home, I don’t always achieve this goal, but keeping it on my list reminds me to strive to get enough sleep regularly.

Pretty simple changes, right? And by seeing it on a dry-erase board everyday, it becomes so easy to keep on top of them all! Now, let me share how I put the full Command Board together!

My DIY “Staying Healthy” Command Board

2 picture frames
black chalkboard paint
dry-erase marker
“Staying Healthy” checklist printable

1. Make sure the two picture frames you select for this project have frames with prominent edges (that stick out a bit). This is because we will rest the chalk marker and dry erase marker on these edges!

Two Picture Frames

Two Picture Frames

2. Print out the “Staying Healthy” checklist and trim excess edges. If you’re using an 8″x10″ frame (like I did), you may prefer to use the PDF version here. If you’re using a picture frame of a different size, you may prefer to use the PNG version here so you can more easily re-size the printable. Insert the printable into one of the frames!
Dry-Erase Board with Daily Checklist

Dry-Erase Board with Daily Checklist

3. Disassemble the second picture frame and paint just the glass portion with some chalkboard paint. Let dry fully.
Painting the Glass with Chalkboard Paint

Painting the Glass with Chalkboard Paint

4. Once dry, re-assemble the second picture frame and “prime” the chalkboard surface (simply rub chalk all over the surface). Wipe away the excess chalk and then, using chalk or a chalk marker, jot down any health-related notes! I like to keep a running grocery list on the chalkboard. And by keeping it next to my “Staying Healthy” printable, I’m much more likely to only add nutritious, good-for-you foods to my grocery list!
DIY "Staying Healthy" Command Board

DIY “Staying Healthy” Command Board

5. Hang the picture frames up on a wall with one on top of the other. Place the chalk (or chalk marker) and the dry-erase marker on the edges of the picture frames. Check off the items on the dry-erase board as you complete each task throughout the day. Keep a running grocery list on the chalkboard.
My "Staying Healthy" Command Board

My “Staying Healthy” Command Board

This has been such an easy and effective way to keep my health a priority both in my mind and in my daily activities.

I picked up the new Colgate Total® Daily Repair™ toothpaste from Walmart in the oral care aisle! If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’ll know that I love shopping at Walmart. The convenience, selection and prices cannot be beat!

Finding the toothpaste at Walmart

Finding the toothpaste at Walmart

For the latest news & promotions on Colgate Total® Daily Repair™, please visit them on Facebook and Twitter! Also, learn more about this toothpaste by visiting them here!

Now, start to repair early tooth and gum damage* today with the new Colgate Total® Daily Repair™, and tell me in the Comments below: what does your oral care routine look like these days?!
*By remineralizing enamel damage and helping to prevent gingivitis with continued use.

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29 Responses to “My DIY “Staying Healthy” Command Board”

  1. I’m a big lover of organising and planning too. Preparation is certainly key, I must try and make one of those Command Boards.

  2. I need a checklist like this! It helps me do better when I have something to keep me accountable!

  3. I never would have thought a sign like this was so easy to make! What a great way to keep your goals in focus and visible.

    • EngineerMommy

      It’s amazing what a couple of picture frames can be transformed into! And it totally helps me stay accountable!

  4. I really like the idea of the chalk board. I can see getting a lot of use out of that. My big issue is remembering to floss everyday. Maybe I need a board….

    • EngineerMommy

      Since I strive to check off each item every day, it encourages me to make sure I accomplish each task every day. Definitely try this system, Shell! I think you’ll find that it works for you, too!

  5. I quit diet Coke 6 months ago and have started drinking more water. Next is getting more sleep. This is just what I needed to hear today. Great way to help me stay on course!

  6. I’m such a visual person, so I really need a staying healthy command board so I can keep it before my eyes every day. Love it!

  7. Great ideas! Thank you for the cute checklist to frame – and the chalkboard with the frame is a great idea and seems easy to do for me. Colgate is suppose to be one of the best for our teeth, I’ve heard – I’ll look at it closer again – 🙂

    • EngineerMommy

      Thanks, Donna! We love Colgate Total® Daily Repair™ toothpaste! And the Command Board is definitely a quick afternoon project!

  8. I have heard about the chalk paint but never tried it. It certainly sounds like it’s easy enough to use.

  9. Thats pretty awesome! I never thought about creating something like that but I really should!

    • EngineerMommy

      Thanks, Erin! It’s a really easy project. And it’s very effective at helping me keep track of everything!

  10. Love this idea and LOVE having the reminder. I already have a command center, but adding this in would be a perfect fit to help me keep my health a priority in our family! #client

  11. I’m pretty sure I’m the opposite of organized. I am commonly referred to as a “hot mess,” whatever that means. I could really use encouraging words like that scattered throughout my abode. Great ideas!

  12. This board is a great idea. So many of us forget to do some of these things sometimes on a regular basis.

  13. Very creative! I love that and what a great idea. Seeing this everyday would definitely empower you to live healthier 🙂

  14. This is such a clever idea! Such a cute board – will need to make one of my own!

  15. This is seriously such an awesome idea! I am gonna have to try something like this for my house. I think it would be great for choose as well. =)

  16. That’s a great DIY list! I’ll have to try this sometime!

  17. I need a staying healthy command board myself! Thanks for the reminder.

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