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Nov 102015

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I try to take good care of my hair nowadays. Maybe it’s the fact that I was a hair model for a few years in my teens and my hair has undergone many processes and treatments! Or maybe it’s the fact that I believe a good head of hair makes such a positive impact in one’s overall appearance! Either way, I’m always looking for ways to keep my hair looking its best! I try to visit the salon for regular trims, I use plenty of deep conditioner and I even try to avoid over-processing my hair. However, one of the most significant changes I’ve made to my hair care routine recently has been using the Goody Clean Radiance hair brush. This hair brush is unlike any other hair brush I have ever tried- and I’m totally excited about witnessing the amazing results of using this brush!

Getting Shiny Hair with Goody & 3 Easy Fall Hairstyles

Getting Shiny Hair with Goody

Getting Shiny Hair with Goody

Nowadays, my hair is long and wavy and (mostly) healthy, but my ends do tend to get quite dry, especially during this time of year. I also notice that my scalp can sometimes get quite oily- that’s not a pretty look! Maybe all the hair treatments I’ve undergone over the years have taken quite a toll on my hair! So I’m always looking for easy, effective ways to restore the moisture balance in my hair. And that’s why I’m so excited about the #CleanRadiance hair brush from Goody!

Goody Clean Radiance Hair Brush

Goody Clean Radiance Hair Brush

Launched at the beginning of October, the Clean Radiance hair brush can be purchased from Walmart (just look for the signs in the hair care aisle)! This hair brush is really quite revolutionary! With its copper bristles that massage the scalp, the Clean Radiance brush actually reduces buildup and improves shine over time (results based on consumer usage and perception study). And after testing out this brush for a few weeks, I can definitely say that my hair is so much shinier & more radiant now than it ever has been! And just from brushing!
Shiny Hair

Shiny Hair

Both of my daughters have hair that’s just like my husband’s- very thick & curly! And brushing their hair can sometimes be challenging. But this hair brush actually makes brushing their hair a breeze! The cushioned pad of the brush glides through the hair easily and does not pull it at all. The kids are finally sitting still while I brush their hair- hooray!
 Goody Clean Radiance Hair Brush

Goody Clean Radiance Hair Brush

I actually received a few other goodies from Goody- some gorgeous ponytail holders in bright colors and some bobby pins. So I thought I’d share with you all some quick & easy hair styles that I was able to put together using these supplies! Perfect for Fall, these hairstyles are fabulous for making sure you look put-together even when you don’t have a lot of time to get ready in the mornings.

Here is the first hairstyle- the Braided Crown. It’s really simple to put this one together! I used the Stay Tight Bobbies from Goody. They have low profile tips and really hold the hair well. They make pretty hair styles like this really effortless!

The Braided Crown

The Braided Crown

  1. Take a piece of hair from the left temple area. Braid it.
  2. Wrap around the back of the head and secure on the other side with bobby pins.
  3. Take a piece of hair from the right temple area. Braid it.
  4. Wrap around the back of the head and secure on the other side with bobby pins.

Here’s the second hairstyle. This is called the Braided Pony. I used the Goody Ouchless No Metal Hair Elastics and they’re fabulous because they don’t pull the hair at all, yet they provide a great hold! Here are the steps for this one.

Braided Pony

Braided Pony

  1. Make a high ponytail. Secure with a Goody ponytail holder.
  2. Braid the ponytail.
  3. Secure with another Goody Ponytail Holder at the bottom of the braid.
  4. Tuck the end of the ponytail under and secure with some Goody Bobby Pins.

And here’s the third hairstyle. I call this one the Low Twisted Pony. I used both the Goody Bobby Pins and the Goody Ouchless Hair Elastics on this one.

Low Twisted Pony

Low Twisted Pony

  1. Grab a section of hair from the right temple area and twist it. Then secure it toward the nape of the neck with some Goody Bobby Pins.
  2. Repeat the same with a section of hair from the left side.
  3. Form a low ponytail and secure with a Goody Hair Elastic. Then, create a small opening in the hair right above the ponytail holder.
  4. Tuck the end of the ponytail through the opening and secure the ends with some Goody Bobby Pins

Aren’t these hairstyles cute? And with these Goody products, these hairstyles make such a great impact! They are perfect for pulling your hair together on a busy morning!

Now, learn more about the Goody Clean Radiance brush by visiting Walmart, and tell me: How can this hair brush help you?!


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