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Dec 042015


This time of year is very busy! Between regular blog posts, all the kids’ activities and preparing for the upcoming Christmas parties, I am extremely busy most days. Without an organizational system in place, my house and my mind would get very cluttered very quickly. Luckily, I have found a few ways to keep all my responsibilities and tasks in order. From a useful Charging Organizer Station to a family calendar, I’d love to share with you my 5 Awesome Tips to Stay Organized Every Day.

5 Awesome Tips to Stay Organized Every Day

5 Awesome Tips to Stay Organized Every Day

5 Awesome Tips to Stay Organized Every Day

  • Keep a to-do list notebook. I rely on my notebook every day. Whether I have a play date for the kids on a particular afternoon or I need to pick up some clothes from the dry cleaners, I always like to put my daily tasks on my to-do list. Maybe it’s my engineering background, but I really love being able to see all my chores for the day in front of me- and being able to cross them off as I complete them.
  • Update a family calendar. In addition to my to-do list, I also keep a monthly calendar to stay on top of all my responsibilities for the upcoming weeks. Particularly for blog posts that are due over the next few days/weeks, I love being able to glance at my calendar and visualize everything. I also add into my calendar things like doctor’s appointments, meetings at school, birthday parties, etc. This makes it so easy when I am trying to plan something out for a few weeks- I simply check my calendar and I can see the perfect time to schedule something!
  • Declutter regularly. Whether it’s my kitchen junk drawer or the kids’ closets, I always find that a regular decluttering is necessary to keep things in order. I like to take everything out, throw away expired/damaged items, and then place everything back, grouping like items together. By doing this on a regular basis, I keep everything neat & tidy and prevent these drawers/closets from getting out of hand over the long run.
  • Plan meals. Sometimes, I find it can be difficult to figure out what to make the whole family on short notice, especially when I want it to be nutritious and delicious. So I like to plan my meals in advance. This allows me to make sure I have all the ingredients necessary for a well-rounded meal in the house when I’m ready to make dinner.
  • Find a place for everything. This is probably my most important tip to stay organized. I find that it’s crucial for maintaining an organized space. One thing that has recently helped me keep all my everyday essentials in a dedicated spot is the Bamboo Stand and Charging Organizer with Extension from CE Supply Store. This multi-tasking organizer is designed to keep cell phones, tablets, remotes and more all organized together in one spot. There is actually enough space to hold 3 smartphones, a tablet, a laptop, Bluetooth speakers, a notepad & more! Isn’t that incredible?! I love that it has cubby holes for small office supplies, too. Check out all the storage this unit offers!

Charging Organizer

Charging Organizer

It also has a deep base that fits standard Charging Strips, along with smart cable management that keeps all those wires out of sight, which is perfect because nobody likes seeing all those cables! This Charging Organizer is perfect for a kitchen, an office or a family room- anywhere you need some more organization & storage for your gadgets! I love how this unit has powerful magnets to secure the lid and ensure stability during use. You can see the magnets here in this picture.
Charging Organizer

Charging Organizer

Here are some of my everyday essentials that keep me organized: my to-do list, my calendar, labeling washi tape, my smartphone, etc.
My Everyday Essentials to Stay Organized

My Everyday Essentials to Stay Organized

I was able to load all of these items, my remotes and more right into my Charging Organizer! Everything has a place and it all fits so nicely. I actually ordered a tablet online during Cyber Monday, so once it arrives, I will definitely place it on my fabulous Charging Station, too!
My Everyday Essentials to Stay Organized

My Everyday Essentials to Stay Organized

Headquartered in California, CE Supply Store manufactures and sells a huge variety of components and accessories for popular electronic products. CE Supply is also a Women and Minority Business Enterprise that has always been dedicated to giving back to the community.

To stay updated on the latest promotions and news from CE Supply Store, please visit them on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Now, learn more about this Charging Organizer and tell me: which room of your house could use better organizational solutions like this?!

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23 Responses to “5 Awesome Tips to Stay Organized Every Day”

  1. Getting to have your notebook and a list always helps (Just that.. if you remember to write and check on it ofcourse, haha!) Either way, it helps me out big time.

  2. Great tips! I might just be the most unorganized person on the planet!

  3. Since starting studying in the last few month decluttering is something I have to do very very regularly ! I haven’t had a diary till not as I haven’t needed one I can’t wait to use it in the new year!!

  4. This is such a great list. As a Virgo I am quite obsessed with keeping my house organized even though my two little boys try to fight me on this. Thanks for the tips!

  5. what a great and useful idea! i hate having to hunt around for things–a pet peeve and a time waster for sure-here’s to being organized in 2016! great way to start us off

  6. I do 3 out of 5 of these things already..will try the other 2 as well!.. although with 4 kids in the house, it can definitely be hard to keep up with them. Great ideas!

  7. This is a great list of organizing tips. I really need to organize more in my life!

  8. wow what an amazing organizzer.i absolutly love it.i love the fact that its made of wood

  9. I am obsessed with organizing things. I’ve been doing some of these tips and they sure really works. 🙂

  10. We would be LOST without our family calendar and a weekly mean plan. December is the craziest month and it helps so much to cook things ahead so we don’t end up getting fast food.

  11. These are great tips for staying organized. I am ALL about organization. I keep a weekly planner as well as daily to-do lists <3

  12. I function best when I have a to-do list so I always keep note books near by. I need that organiser big time, my home could do with one

  13. Keeping a to do list is the KEY for me! But my problem is I have way too many notebooks with my to do lists! I need to streamline my process more!

    • EngineerMommy

      I love to keep my various notebooks / journals organized on this Charging Organizer. It helps to have a dedicated spot for everything!

  14. i love this. as a notebook collector i certainly need something like this.

    the de-cluttering regularly is something that i’m working on

  15. Haha, I have say that I do all of these things daily because I do like to be so organized but messily organized! lol

  16. I always tell the kids to find a place and keep their stuff there. It’s smart to do it, and always saves you time.

  17. What a helpful list. I am definitely going to make the charging organizer this weekend.

  18. I love your organizer. I really need a lot of those at home.

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