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Jun 212012

Gardening is such a wonderful hobby. It’s relaxing, it burns some calories, and it’s so rewarding seeing the fruits of your labor when the flowers start to bloom. If you enjoy gardening, then these projects will exercise some of your crafting muscles and let you continue to enjoy your hobby. From decorative rocks to a gardening apron, these ideas are sure to inspire you.

Make your own gardening accessories- DIY

  1. Keep bugs & birds away with these decorative strawberry-painted rocks.- Creative in chicago
  2. Make this adorable gardening apron complete with pockets to store your tools.- Garden therapy
  3. Create this wall-mounted succulent garden and hang it on a feature wall.- Radmegan in words and pictures
  4. Use shards of plant pots to label & identify your herbs in the garden.- Hardly housewives

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  1. thanks for including my garden apron – it comes in very handy!

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