Earning Passive Income with hi: How to Get Started for Free

November 18, 2021 7 By EngineerMommy

This is a sponsored post written by me for hi. All opinions are mine alone.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock in recent years, you’ve undoubtedly heard of crypto. It has gained so much popularity recently and there are countless folks who have earned absolutely amazing returns by investing in crypto early on. If you’ve been interested in getting involved in crypto but feel overwhelmed about where to start, keep reading. Today I’ll be introducing hi, which is the world’s first cross-platform chat-based crypto platform that makes crypto investing easy & accessible for all.

Founded by experienced leaders in the tech industry, hi currently employs entrepreneurs, technologists, and thinkers. hi was co-founded by Sean Rach, the former chief marketing officer at Crypto.com and Stefan Rust, who served as CEO at Bitcoin.com. The whole project at hi centers around the concept that the global, instant and no-cost movement of money can provide economic benefits for everyone. A basic premise at hi is that everyone has a right to access financial services and should be able to control their money on their own terms, regardless of their geographic location.

Why should you join hi? Here are some of the benefits of using hi:

  • It’s a fast, secure way to buy, earn, send and receive crypto & fiat currencies with your phone.
  • There’s no waiting period – payments are instant (within milliseconds.)
  • Make transactions via Telegram, WhatsApp and other apps that you already use. No separate app download required!
  • There are lifestyle savings benefits for members, such as discounts on everything from Netflix and Amazon Prime to Uber and Kindle.
  • hi is a not-for-profit financial services company that doesn’t have any fees or markup.
  • All hi services work around the world 24 hours per day / 7 days per week. No need to worry about federal holidays, weekends or different time zones.
  • It’s possible to earn interest on deposited money at rates up to 40%, which is much higher than most traditional bank savings accounts.
  • Convert from one currency to another at interbank rates with no added fees. Up to 100 currencies are supported! This feature is coming soon!

In addition to the benefits listed above, there are other membership benefits. Once you sign in to the Web App, you’ll find your Membership Tier, which is based on the amount of hi Dollars you are holding in your Vault and Earnings combined. The more Dollars you hold, the higher your Tier. Benefits of membership include access to Streaming Services, Feeless Financial Services, Travel Services, Concierge Services and more. Hotel perks for hi Silver members (and above) include free room upgrades, late check-outs, free breakfasts and more. There are also MasterClass Subscriptions, which offer the opportunity to pursue a new passion with classes taught by award-winning experts in their fields.

Before we discuss exactly how to get involved with hi, it’s important to first understand that blockchain, the technology behind crypto, is much safer & more transparent than previous data-handling technologies. Furthermore, crypto can be thought of as tokens to make transactions or purchase goods/services. This is where hi – Bitcoin with Benefits – comes in!

Payments made on blockchain are more secure because once a payment is finalized, the evidence is permanently stored on the blockchain and cannot be edited. It’s impossible to create fake or false data using this system. Furthermore, blockchains operate on a global scale 24/7 and it’s extremely cost-effective because there’s no human error introduced into the system. For more information about crypto and the blockchain technology used by hi, check out their Resources page.

hi is the world’s first cross-platform chat-based financial services platform. With hi, it’s easier than ever to earn hi Dollars right in your chat box. While other cryptocurrencies require you to create a wallet through a separate app, you can manage your hi Dollars through the chat interfaces of apps you already use, such as Telegram, WhatsApp and Facebook. There’s no need to install a separate app.

With around 500K users currently, hi offers great potential for future growth. Keep in mind that as the number of users increases, the total value of hi Dollars increases but individual payouts will decrease. This is why early access is such a big deal and with a projected membership base of 1 billion+ users in the next few years, now is a great time to get involved with hi.

How do you get started? Well you can earn free hi Dollars in three ways:

  • Just sign up.
  • Answer simple questions daily.
  • Invite friends.

Just sign up to earn hi Dollars.
You can claim 1 hi Dollar daily for free. This means you don’t actually need to invest any of your own money to get started. Just sign up for an account via Telegram or WhatsApp or the web app. All you need to provide is a phone number and a nickname. That’s all – you can start earning daily rewards right away! No payment, credit card or personal details are required.

Answer simple questions daily to earn hi Dollars.
“Who is your favorite superhero?” is the type of question you can answer daily to earn some hi Dollars. It really doesn’t get easier than this to get involved with the crypto industry. Each time you answer a question in the chat box, you’ll earn hi Dollars. Easy peasy!

Invite friends to earn hi Dollars.
Once you sign up for hi, you’ll be given a unique referral link. By simply inviting friends to the hi network, you can earn hi Dollars. For every person who signs up using your link, you will earn 0.5 more Hi Dollars a day in rewards. If you invite 50 people, that comes to 25 hi Dollars per day. This can add up quite quickly.

I hope this post inspired you to check out hi for your own investment and financial services needs. Have you invested in crypto yet? What do you like most about hi? 

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