7 Tips to Make Fine Hair Look Thicker & Fuller

January 19, 2021 3 By EngineerMommy

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Sometimes a sleek, smooth hair look is IT! Sometimes volume and fullness is the goal. If you’re looking to add a little more bounce to your locks, check out these easy tips to add to your haircare routine!

1. Use a thickening shampoo.

A thickening shampoo like this can add volume to limp locks. Look for words like “lightweight” and “volumizing.” Don’t skip shampoo day; when it comes to making thin hair look fuller, shampooing to remove excess oil is key.

2. Shampoo after conditioning.

The traditional order of events in the shower is to first shampoo and then condition the hair. However, if you’re concerned the conditioner might make your tresses appear lifeless, consider conditioning and then shampooing. This reverse order will help your hair look its fullest. It’s an easy, yet effective, trick.

3. Add mousse.

Old-fashioned mousse used to create a “crunchy” sound when the hair is tousled, but modern formulations keep hair soft and bouncy. Adding a high-quality mousse to your locks is a smart, easy way to add a little extra volume effortlessly. I like this brand a lot.

4. Sleep with your hair tied up.

Sleeping on your hair can make it appear lifeless the next day. However, an easy fix is to simply pin it up high using a spider clip or a set of bobby pins.

5. Befriend dry shampoo.

Dry shampoo is an amazing solution when hair is oily (we all know that already most likely.) However, if you use dry shampoo on cleaner hair, it adds some volume and texture. Perfect for adding some bounce to fine hair! This is my favorite dry shampoo brand.

6. Go for a trim.

Split ends and stringy locks will never give the appearance of fuller hair. For an instantly-fuller look, reach for the scissors – or visit the salon for a trim. After all, excess length may be to blame for weighing down your hair.

7. Switch up your part.

A deep side part can add volume and plus, it’s a very trendy look! What’s more? If you switch sides that you part your hair, you will see an even more noticeable boost in volume, as the strands are forced to lie in the opposite direction.

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