My 7 Favorite Ways to Unwind

September 7, 2020 25 By EngineerMommy

This is a sponsored post written by me for Naipo. All opinions are mine alone.

The last several months have been quite challenging for many folks around the world. It has indeed been a year filled with uncertainty and fear in so many ways. How are you unwinding and relaxing at the end of the day? Today I’m sharing several ways to decompress and channel that inner zen. From the calming effects of an awesome massager to the relaxing power of nature sounds, keep reading for all the details.

1. Use the oPillow massaging device.

This versatile massaging device can be used on the back, waist, neck or calf area. I love that it’s a multi-use device that can help you achieve whole-body relaxation. What’s included in the box is the cushion, the massager and the wall adapter.

To get started, all you need to do is attach the cushion to the massager and then plug it in. When you press the power button, both the heating & rolling functions will turn on. After 20 minutes, the unit will automatically shut off. By the way, you can stop the heating function at any time by simply pressing the heating button.

I absolutely love the neutral gray color that complements any decor style. Plus, the material itself is comfortable, soft and feels great on the skin. 

The massage / heat functions are absolutely relaxing – perfect way to unwind after a long, stressful day. I also love to use it in my office for a mid-day massage while I get some work done. Being productive and getting a massage? Yes, please! 

It’s so convenient that I can now get an awesome massage from the comfort of home. The oPillow from Naipo is definitely the perfect addition to any household in 2020. You can pre-order the oPillow right now for $39.99. 

By the way, the brand is giving away a free oPillow to one of my followers on Instagram. Check out this post to enter the giveaway! 

2. Practice deep breathing exercises.

Many of us are running around taking care of countless things from morning until night. Eventually, stress builds up. The result? Faster, more shallow breathing. However, when we make a conscious effort to breathe more deeply, we will find that we are calmer. Here’s what to do: take a deep breath, hold it for ~5 seconds and then exhale. Repeat for reduced stress levels.

3. Play soothing music or nature sounds.

There’s something about the right type of audio that can really help you de-stress. Classical music can be quite relaxing. Another smart choice would be nature sounds: rain, waterfall, thunderstorms, babbling brook, etc. You can find all these sounds on YouTube or you can play them on a smart speaker like Alexa. My favorite soothing sound would probably be thunderstorms.

4. Practice mindful meditation.

Mindful meditation may initially sound intimidating, but it’s the simple act of focusing on things happening in the present moment. Are you breathing slow or fast? Focus on the in & out of your breath. Do you hear traffic outside? Listen to sounds of cars whooshing by or the sounds of people talking in the distance. Don’t judge what you hear or see – just observe it and acknowledge it. 

5. Journal your thoughts.

While I have done some journaling in the past, this is something I’d like to delve into more over the coming months. Start by answering some basic everyday questions. What are you nervous about? What are you grateful for? Putting pen to paper can actually be a powerfully grounding experience!

6. Practice self-care.

Whether it’s a day at the salon or a simple bath at home, practice self-care with intention. Take care of your skin with a homemade avocado facial mask and moisturize your locks with a coconut oil mask. Don’t just go through the motions – do it with intention. Set a relaxing spa ambiance complete with lit candles, soothing nature sounds and fruit-infused water (I love lemon & basil in my water.) When you make it a habit to take care of yourself on a regular basis, your mind will experience increased calmness.

7. Engage in gentle movement outdoors.

Many folks think that in order to unwind, we must lie down or relax. While that can be beneficial at times, it’s also important to move the body to release any pent-up energy. A great idea is to take a 15-minute walk – that’s all it takes to really stretch out the muscles and get the blood moving a bit. Repeat this 3-5 times throughout the day to burn off any pent-up energy.

Learn more about the oPillow here to experience a whole-body massage experience from the comfort of home. What is your favorite way to unwind after a long day?

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