DIY Weed Killer

June 5, 2020 1 By EngineerMommy

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Once spring rolls around, it seems inevitable that the weeds in our yard start to flourish. Tackling them at the start of the season – and keeping them at bay throughout the season – becomes a priority for us.

If you are trying to tackle the weeds on your lawn, in your flower beds or along the cracks of your patio/driveway, there are quite a few products available to tackle those weeds. If you are looking for a more natural alternative to all those commercial herbicides on the market, I have a recipe for a homemade vinegar-based weed killer that seems to do a pretty good job.

DIY Weed Killer
1 gallon white vinegar
1 cup salt
1 tbsp dish soap

Combine all the ingredients in a spray bottle like this one and shake to combine. Treat weeds at the sunniest time of the day for best results. You will find that leaves exposed to this solution will brown and wilt within 36 hours.

If you’re looking for a commercial product to tackle your weeds, here are a few others we have used in the past.

30% Concentrated Vinegar

This vinegar product is much more concentrated than typical household vinegar. A spray of this vinegar will quickly kill any plant whose leaves are exposed to this liquid.


We have used Roundup in the past. Unlike vinegar-based solutions, this one is a bit more powerful. However, like most chemical herbicides, this product can be quite toxic and anyone using this needs to use personal protective equipment, including gloves & goggles.

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