Brilliant Tips for Post-Workout Recovery

July 2, 2020 20 By EngineerMommy

This is a sponsored post written by me for NAIPO. All opinions are mine alone.

Whether you’re working up a sweat at the gym or just engaging in a strenuous session of gardening, post-exercise recovery is key. There are a number of best practices that can help you reduce the chances of injury and maximize the benefits of your workout. From indulging in a massage with the NAIPO oCuddle™ Shoulder Massager to engaging in a proper gradual cool-down, I’m sharing some practical tips you can implement today.

1. Indulge in a massage!

Not only does a massage feel great, but it can also improve circulation and promote feelings of deep relaxation. I recently tried the NAIPO oCuddle™ Shoulder Massager, which is packed with features designed to provide an amazing shoulder & neck massage right from the comfort of your home. The adjustable shoulder straps ensure that you’ll get a proper fit regardless of your height. The control settings are built right into the shoulder straps for convenient, easy-to-reach adjustments. The ergonomic “U” shape wraps comfortably around the neck/shoulder area to offer stress relief and a relaxing cuddle effect. 

The FocalHeat™️ heated massage head offers professional-level thermotherapy with bidirectional rotation of two-four-node massage heads. It feels just like the kneading and shiatsu of fingers, knuckles and palms. The effect is a deep relaxation. Plus, the fabric is buttery-soft and elastic so the massager glides effortlessly on the skin.

Along with the massager, the box contains a wall adapter (for home use), a car adapter (for on-the-go use), a carrying bag and a user manual. How sleek & elegant is the bag! Perfect for that weekend getaway or long road trip!

Oh, and don’t assume that this massager can only be used on the shoulders. You can easily position this small device on the neck, back, abdomen, legs or arms for a revitalizing pick-me-up. Cuddled up with my favorite magazine in my favorite seat, this massager lets me enjoy a little “me time.”

If you’re looking for an easy way to indulge in an at-home massage on your time, be sure to check out the NAIPO oCuddle™ Shoulder Massager. Plus, there’s an amazing promotion going on right now that will save you 15% off the oCuddle (valid until 7/31/20.) Simply use the follow coupon code at checkout: OCUDDLE15

2. Choose foods that aid recovery.

Choosing your recovery snacks wisely is essential if you want your body to recover, repair and get stronger. It is even more important if you are performing endurance exercise day after day. In general, a high-protein snack is a good choice; consider options like Greek yogurt, eggs, nut butters, etc. 

3. Let your muscles rest.

Time is one of the best ways to recover from any illness or injury and this holds especially true for a rigorous workout too. Your body can take care of itself if you give it the time to do so. What this means is if you are working out your upper body on Monday, give your upper body muscles a few days to recover before you train them again. 

4. Stretching is key.

After a tough workout, gentle stretching is essential. It’s a simple, easy way to help your muscles recover and get back to full strength. Plus, stretching can help boost flexibility and reduce the likelihood of injuries.

5. Don’t neglect sleep.

Restorative sleep is good not only for mental health, but also for physical health. It’s a time when your body can repair itself. In fact, it is during sleep that the body produces Growth Hormone (GH) and it is this hormone that’s responsible for tissue growth & repair.

6. Always cool down before ending a workout.

If you’ve ever stopped a strenuous workout suddenly, you may have not felt well afterward. A cool-down period is essential to allow the heart rate to slow down gradually and to prevent blood from pooling in the veins. Aim for at least five minutes of light cardio to allow your body to cool down slowly.

Don’t forget to check out the NAIPO oCuddle™ Shoulder Massager. What are your tips for recovery after a workout? Would you like to experience a soothing massage from the comfort of home? Do you follow any of these tips? 

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