7 Ways to Support Good Health in 2020

February 4, 2020 24 By EngineerMommy

I’ve partnered with Procter & Gamble and Source Naturals as part of an Influencer Activation and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

There’s no doubt about it – the start of a new year can be seen as a blank slate to work on improving oneself. If you fell short of accomplishing some of your goals in January, don’t fret- it’s not too late to make a positive impact on your wellbeing in 2020. Today I’m sharing some attainable health-oriented goals for the new year. From focusing on a happy gut with the Align Dualbiotic Gummy to taking the right supplement (I’m loving Source Naturals® Wellness Formula®,) keep reading for some of my best tips.

1. Incorporate more strength training into my routine.

I’ve always led an active lifestyle and I’ve always focused primarily on cardio. However, in 2020 I’d love to focus more on strength training. I will be using bodyweight resistance moves at home (and weight lifting at the gym) to increase muscle tone and build strength. To say I’m excited about the possibility of getting stronger & leaner is an understatement – I’m actually stoked about it!!

2. Focus on gut health.

Everyone agrees that wellness starts from the inside. In fact, a balanced gut is a foundational component of a healthy lifestyle. To make sure my digestive system is on the right track, one product I’ve been using for a while is the Align Dualbiotic Gummy, available at Walmart! I love that these great-tasting, easy-to-chew gummies are naturally flavored and support a healthy gut*. Since they taste great, I never forget to take them! 😉

Probiotics help support a healthy balance of bacteria in the gut. I really love that this gummy formulation contains a prebiotic fiber (inulin), which helps to nourish the good bacteria in the digestive system*. Oh, and if you’re concerned about sugar content, rest assured that Align Gummies contain under 1g of sugar per gummy! Perfect!

Adequate fiber intake is another important part of a healthy digestive system. I love that the delicious Metamucil Fiber Thins offer five grams of fiber at about 100 calories per serving (4g total fat). Many individuals may not be getting the recommended levels of fiber intake from their diets, so a supplement like this can be very beneficial.

By providing 20% of the daily recommended value of fiber, these Fiber Thins help to satisfy hunger. Metamucil is the #1 doctor-recommended fiber brand – try these Fiber Thins and experience the great taste & convenience for yourself!

3. Choose the right supplements.

I have always incorporated certain supplements into my daily routine. Did you know that Source Naturals Wellness Formula was the first of its kind to deliver high-potency vitamin C plus 25 more key nutrients and time-tested herbs in 1 product?

Thanks to a proprietary mix of vitamins and herbs, the Wellness Formula helps to support the immune system, promotes normal mucus production in the respiratory system, keeps white blood cells healthy from free radicals, promotes a healthy response to stress, and supports a healthy respiratory system. That’s a multi-tasking powerhouse that’s designed to help you Live Unstoppable™️. Unlock the power of your wellness in 2020 with Source Naturals Wellness Formula.

4. Keep stress under control.

Everyday life is filled with stressors. From getting an unexpected flat tire to discovering a leak under the sink, our nervous systems are challenged on a regular basis. With the right mindset, however, you don’t have to let stress set you back!

  • Don’t procrastinate: Doing anything at the last minute is always more stressful than calmly getting it done ahead of time.
  • Delegate tasks: Got too much on your plate? Find ways to assign some of your duties to others.
  • Simplify: If there’s too much to do and too much going on, find ways to simplify your life and home. 
  • Accept imperfection: When you abandon the need for perfection, you give yourself more slack, making it easier to accept circumstances that are not ideal. 

5. Stay hydrated.

Staying hydrated year-round is essential for optimal health. I have found that tracking my water intake helps to incentivize me to keep drinking water. Find a smart water bottle that automatically tracks water consumption and syncs with your phone every day – it’s an easy way to spot trends over time. Alternatively, you can just keep a water intake log using paper & pen. To motivate you to drink more water, infuse your water with some calorie-free flavor:

  • herbs (basil is refreshing)
  • fruits (berries or citrus add a refreshing flavor to water)
  • veggies (cucumbers can create a spa-worthy beverage)

6. Keep medicine cabinet stocked with the essentials.

Is there anything worse than realizing you’re sick and having to scramble to the store to pick up essentials, especially during the often-inclement winter weather? That’s why I like to keep my medicine cabinet stocked with essentials like Vicks VapoCOOL SEVERE Drops.

Thanks to the power of menthol, this targeted intense cooling treatment numbs and vaporizes your sore throat pain right where you need it. With 33% more medicine, the Maximum Strength Relief version results in a throat that’s soothed more quickly. By the way, the cooling sensation feels amazing on a sore throat! I keep this bag tucked away in my desk for quick relief on busy days.

7. Practice gratitude.

A grateful attitude can be extremely helpful in promoting feelings of inner peace and wellness. Gratitude can also help to combat stress and anxiety. How do you adopt a grateful attitude? Start a gratitude journal! Want something that requires even less commitment? Simply type two things you’re grateful for every single morning into your phone’s “Notes” app.

Don’t forget to learn more about how you can support your health in 2020 with these great products at WalmartHealthSupport.com! Do you follow any of the above tips? Share your best tips!

*Based on AlphaImpactRX June 2015 Study




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