5 Simple Thanksgiving Sides That’ll Steal the Show

November 9, 2020 35 By EngineerMommy

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I absolutely love this time of year: the crisp weather, the falling leaves, the upcoming holiday season, etc. I love it all! With Thanksgiving just a few short weeks away, now is a great time to figure out the dinner menu. Today I’m excited to share five easy-to-prepare, delicious side dish ideas that are guaranteed to impress your family. 

Whether you like sweet or savory, I’m sharing five different recipes for your Thanksgiving table this year: 

  • Brigford Foods Frozen Dinner Rolls served with a Homemade Honey Rosemary Butter
  • Stuffed Mushrooms made with 4C Homestyle Parmesan Cheese & 4C Breadcrumbs
  • Grilled Meyer Lemon Chili Corn from the I Cook in Color cookbook
  • Tribe Dark Chocolate Hummus & Tribe Pumpkin Pie Hummus served with fruits & vanilla wafers
  • Bacon-Wrapped Asparagus from The Baconer

Let’s get to all the details, shall we?

Thanksgiving Side 1: Brigford Foods Frozen Dinner Rolls served with a Homemade Honey Rosemary Butter

In my opinion, a Thanksgiving table is just not complete without some delicious rolls. These Parkerhouse Style Rolls from Bridgford® (find them in the freezer aisle) are an easy way to get delicious rolls on the table in no time! Each package include 24 one-ounce yeast roll dough pieces in a bag. You can prepare them all to serve to a big group (hello Thanksgiving party!) or you can prepare only a few at a time for after-school sliders. Made with pure cane sugar, these rolls are non-GMO and free of preservatives. I am serving these rolls on Thanksgiving with a super simply Honey Rosemary Butter that couldn’t be any easier prepare.

Simply combine 2 sticks of butter, 2 tablespoons of honey & 1 teaspoon of chopped rosemary in a blender. Top with extra rosemary & a drizzle of honey. What an impressive presentation for such a simple recipe! Before you head to the store, make sure to use the coupons here to SAVE on your favorite Bridgford Foods this year.

Thanksgiving Side 2: Stuffed Mushrooms made with 4C Homestyle Parmesan Cheese & 4C Breadcrumbs 

When it comes to high-impact sides that are super easy to prepare, these stuffed mushrooms are a winner. Made with 4C Homestyle Parmesan  Cheese and 4C Breadcrumbs, this side dish is big on flavor. Simply combine 4oz of cream cheese, 1/2 cup of 4C Breadcrumbs, 1/4 cup of 4C Homestyle Parmesan Cheese in a blender. Place this mixture inside mushroom caps and bake at 400 degrees F for 20 minutes. While they may look quite fancy, they actually come together in no time! 

I appreciate that 4C Homestyle Parmesan Cheese features 100% Grated Cheese without additives, preservatives, cellulose or fillers. This shredded cheese is nutty and provides an easy way to add a ton of flavor to your Thanksgiving recipes. The 4C Breadcrumbs feature breadcrumbs that are freshly-toasted and include 100% pecorino Romano cheese. These breadcrumbs are an ideal way to add some crunch to your Thanksgiving casseroles and other side dishes. What a great base! Check out 4C Foods on Facebook and learn more about their products on their website by clicking here.

Thanksgiving Side 3: Grilled Meyer Lemon Chili Corn from I Cook in Color cookbook

Another great side dish idea is this Grilled Meyer Lemon Chili Corn, the recipe for which I found in the amazing I Cook in Color: Bright Flavors from My Kitchen and Around the World  cookbook by Asha Gomez and Martha Hall Foose. All I needed to do for this recipe was rub some Meyer lemon on the corn and then sprinkle chili powder on top. This cookbook is packed with recipes that focus on cross-cultural flavor profiles, a wide variety of vegetables, colorful inventive desserts and spice-packed recipes. 

The author, Asha Gomez, is best known for her mix of international flavor profiles that reflect both her cherished childhood and her extraordinary travel experiences. Asha’s last cookbook, My Two Souths was nominated for a James Beard Award for Best American Cookbook and was also a winner of the Food52 Piglet Tournament of Cookbooks and the Gourmands Awards. If you’re looking for even more side dish inspiration, check out I Cook in Color.

Thanksgiving Side 4: Tribe Dark Chocolate Hummus & Tribe Pumpkin Pie Hummus served with fruits & vanilla wafers

This is a sweet side that’s downright fun to eat! Simply cut up some fruits (I chose apples and strawberries) and gather some vanilla wafers or graham crackers. Serve with Dark Chocolate Hummus and Pumpkin Pie Hummus from Tribe Hummus. These products are a better-for-you dessert hummus for kids and adults alike; I appreciate that there’s only 6 grams of sugar per serving.

The Tribe Dark Chocolate Hummus features a smooth, tasty blend of chickpeas and cocoa. This healthier dessert option is perfect as a dip with fruits or snacks like pretzels / graham crackers. You could also spread it on some toast, waffles, s’mores or cookies. The Tribe Pumpkin Pie Hummus features the delicious flavor of sweet pumpkin with cinnamon and other fall spices. This dessert hummus is tasty as a dip with graham crackers but it can also work as a healthier filling inside pumpkin pie. Want to try one of these delicious products from Tribe? Visit tribehummus.com for a store locator and a $1 off coupon! 

Thanksgiving Side 5: Bacon-Wrapped Asparagus from The Bacon Lover from The Baconer

For anyone that is a bacon enthusiast (aren’t we all,) this Bacon-Wrapped Asparagus is easy to prepare and tastes so delicious. Featuring Small Batch Bacon from The Baconer, this dish is super flavorful. Simply wrap one piece of bacon around 4-5 stalks of asparagus. Broil in the oven for ~10 minutes until the bacon is fully cooked. The Bacon Lover is a gift set from The Baconer, which includes #1 Premium Artisan Bacon. This gourmet bacon box makes the perfect gift for any bacon lovers on your holiday shopping list. I personally love that the pork is sourced from small family farms, where pigs are free to roam without farrowing or gestation crates.

The Bacon Lover includes 2 packs of Small Batch Bacon, 1 pack of XXL Bacon Steaks, 1 package of Smoked Lardons (bite size bacon pieces) and 1 package of Ground Bacon (100% pure, unadulterated coarse-ground bacon). Some of these hard-to-find cuts are the tastiest forms of bacon you’ll ever try.  The responsibly-sourced pork is raised on a 100% vegetarian diet without antibiotics or hormones and the animals are raised in low-stress environments. The slow smoking process, in addition to their curing method, drives rich flavor deep into the bacon. Talk about chef-driven flavors! The result is handcrafted tender bacon that can be shipped throughout the country. To save on your bacon purchase from The Baconer, use the following discount code through 12/31: EMBaconLover20

I’m so excited for Thanksgiving this year! I hope some of these side dish ideas inspire you to come up with a delicious menu for Thanksgiving. 

What are you making for Thanksgiving this year?


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