11 Toolbox Essentials for the DIY’er

January 24, 2020 0 By EngineerMommy

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Maybe you want to start building things? Maybe you want to start tackling minor repairs around the house? Whatever your reason for building up your own DIY toolbox, here are some essential items to include inside.

Speaking of building, one of my favorite things I’ve ever built over the years is this side table made from copper pipe & wood.







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This mountain range-inspired wooden wall art is another favorite piece. Outfitted with a motion-activated LED strip brings this piece to life at night!







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1. Toolbox: Where are you going to put all your stuff? Keeping everything neat & tidy inside a dedicated box is a smart move. This toolbox is a budget-friendly buy, but you can also just use any ol’ box or basket you have around the house.

2. Safety glasses: Proper eye protection is key. This pair is the one I have… comfortable and effective! I especially like that the pair is adjustable and that they don’t get foggy!

3. Electric drill: Any DIYer will need an electric drill! Whether you’re drilling holes into the wall or driving screws into wood, a reliable drill is essential. I have this Black & Decker version and it has served me well for years. Oh, and don’t forget the drill bits too!

4. Multi-use screwdriver: Sometimes you don’t need to whip out the electric drill. For smaller jobs around the house, a 6-way screwdriver like this one is the perfect solution! 

5. Wood glue: I am partial to Gorilla brand wood glue as it seems to have an excellent staying power. I have tried some other brands and found that they lost adhesion over time.

6. Hot glue gun: Sometimes a job calls for hot glue and a glue gun like this is a useful addition to any toolbox (or craft room, for that matter.) Don’t forget to pick up the glue sticks too! I really love that this model heats up quickly and stays at a constant temp. Unlike wood glue, hot glue allows for adhesion within seconds!

7. Hammer: A hammer is an essential component of any toolbox. A 16oz claw hammer is a standard model for most jobs. Whether you need to put nails in the wall or take care of a small demolition job, the right heavy-duty hammer will make the job easier.

8. Nails & screws: Ordering a set like this will serve you – and your toolbox – well for a while. With screws, nails, anchors, tacks, push pins, brads and more, this handy set will help you tackle all sorts of projects around the house.

9. Sandpaper: A variety of fine and coarse sandpaper like this set will help you smooth down wood after cutting.

10. Level: Good workmanship requires careful measurements and straight, level placements. If you don’t have one already, get a level like this. 

11. Tape measure: Whether you’re building a table or measuring a wall, a reliable 25′ retractable metal measuring tape is a mainstay of any toolbox. Pssssttt… they’re also fun for the kids! 🙂

So there you have it – eleven essentials of any toolbox! While this list is not comprehensive, it is a great starting point for anyone looking to build a collection of important tools & supplies! 


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