10 Lifestyle Products Helping Me Get Through Quarantine

April 21, 2020 7 By EngineerMommy

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Looking for some fun, useful products to help you cruise through quarantine? Here are some of my favorite items that are helping me stay sane during this crazy, unsettling time. 

1. Comfy Leggings

My everyday wardrobe (even before quarantine) has always tended toward the athleisure side. So I’ve accumulated quite a few leggings over the years…and by quite a few, I mean a few dozen! During quarantine, I’m basically living in leggings. Jeans? Not here, not now!

2. Hyaluronic / Collagen Face Masks

It’s all about self-care these days: caring for the body, mind and soul. For my face, I’ve been trying to do a facial mask every few days to give my pores a little TLC. This is my favorite one!

3. Solaray Vitamin C with Rose Hips

I’ve always had Vitamin C around the house and I’ve been trying to take it every single day for the past month. It has been shown to have immune-boosting properties so I’ve made it part of my morning routine.

4. Dr. Teal’s Bath Soak

Dr. Teal’s is a brand I have used – and loved – for many years. Their body lotions are one of my favorites, delivering skin-softening hydration with a lovely scent. Their bath soaks with epsom salts and are one of my favorite products for a luxurious bath!

5. Meyer’s Clean Day Soy Candles

When it comes to candles, I really love them all. I almost always have a candle burning at home. The mere visual of the flickering flame is calming and rejuvenating. Plus, add in a delightful scent and you have an indulgent sensory-rich experience!

6. Adult Coloring Books

I’ve always had a predisposition for creating art. Even as an adult, I enjoy adult coloring books. I have been doing a fair amount of coloring recently. Bonus: my kids often notice I’m coloring and join me! Great bonding activity!

7. Organizational Tools

I’ve been organizing and cleaning my home more than ever before. I’ve overhauled so many spaces in my home and honestly, it feels amazing. I have a few of these organizational drawer inserts and they are amazing at keeping the drawers neat & tidy.

8. Message Board

This may seem like a silly, simple item but it has actually helped me focus on a positive word or phrase during a very chaotic time. This is the one I have. What’s the phrase on my board currently? Stay Strong!

9. Treadmill

I have had a treadmill in the garage for years but I’ve never used it as often as I’ve been using it the last few weeks. It’s obviously not possible to visit the gym these days. Working out is helping me burn extra adrenaline and lift my mood!

10. Instant Pot

These days, I’ve been doing more cooking than I ever have. Just because I’m cooking a lot doesn’t mean I want to spend hours & hours prepping in the kitchen. Our pressure cooker / slow cooker makes meal time a breeze. This Instant Pot model is a very popular brand.

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