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January 8, 2019 19 By EngineerMommy

I love the start of a new year! It’s the perfect time to evaluate everything that worked last year … and everything that didn’t. Today I’ll be sharing my best posts from last year. These are the posts that performed best last year on my site… these are the posts that got the most views!

Without further ado, let’s get right to the list. For more details on any of the projects, just click on the title or the photo. Let’s take a walk down memory lane, shall we?

10. Almond Flour Sugar Cookies
Low-carb treats are always a hit around here. These cookies look and taste absolutely delicious, but they are made without any flour. Featuring almond flour and a few other ingredients, these cookies come together quickly and are sure to impress a crowd!
almond flour sugar cookies

9. Productivity Tips
Who doesn’t want to be more efficient? This post shared a number of useful tips to boost productivity. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or busy mom, we can all use a little help in this department.

8. How to Improve Indoor Air Quality
This post was very successful… and for good reason! Nowadays we spend so much time inside working, playing and lounging. It’s important to make sure the air we’re breathing is clean and pure. Check out this post for all my best tips!

7. Chocolate Coconut Truffles
Easy, delicious truffles that are actually pretty good for you? Yes, please! You all were very excited about this post – it did quite well on Pinterest too!

6. DIY Abstract Art
I have always been a fan of homemade art ideas. With this post, I created some abstract art using just a small handful of basic supplies. The finished result is really spectacular- check out the tutorial for yourself. DIY Abstract Art  

5. DIY Modern Floral Wreath
There’s something about the simple, modern aesthetic of this wreath that just draws me right in. I love how easy it was to create. This baby is still sitting pretty in my home! Love it! This post rounds out the top five posts of 2018! DIY Modern Floral Wreath

4. Painting our Kitchen Cabinets
We have wanted to paint our kitchen cabinets white since we moved in. We delayed the process, thinking it would be a very time-consuming endeavor. It was quite time-consuming but it was so worth the effort. Get all our tips to make this a smooth process for yourself.
Painting our Kitchen Cabinets: Lessons Learned Along the Way

3. Golden Rock Paperweight
Rounding out the top three posts of 2018 is a simple tutorial for making golden paperweights using rocks. This project was so easy and fun to do. I can’t believe how chic the final result looks – these paperweights could easily be sold at a home decor store for a pretty penny!

2. DIY Painted Basket
I love a good thrift store makeover. In this post, I share how I took a basic thrift store wicker basket and painted it with a two-tone design. Simple and stunning! This was my second most viewed post of 2018!

DIY Painted Basket

DIY Painted Basket

1. How to Hide TV Cables
What was the most popular post on Engineer Mommy in 2018? It was this post that showcased how to hide TV cables and cords. I guess a lot of us struggle with creating a sleek, seamless look when we hang our flat-screen TVs right on the wall. Well, this post has a smart, elegant solution. Check it out!

I hope you enjoyed this recap of Engineer Mommy’s Top Posts of 2018. Do you remember any of these posts from the year? Which was your favorite?

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