Sanity Savers for Busy Moms

December 9, 2019 25 By EngineerMommy

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As a mom that’s always on the go, some days are really hectic around here. Whether I’m bringing the kids to/from playdates or managing my social media accounts or tackling that never-ending list of home projects, my schedule is pretty full most of the time. However, today I’m excited to share with you a number of sanity savers for busy moms, featuring the Amwell app for urgent care consultations with a physician.

Not only is this the busiest time of year for the blog, but it’s also a busy time for me in general. We usually host Christmas at our house so that means we need to get the house ready for guests. While my husband is typically in charge of outdoor lights / decorations, it’s up to me get the inside of the house all decked out in a festive way.

In addition to trimming the tree and adding countless decor pieces throughout the home, I am also in charge of figuring out our Christmas dinner menu. To be honest, I find that it’s quite fun to plan out a delicious menu that my guests will love. Needless to say, my schedule is packed pretty full during November and December.

However, I woke up feeling under the weather one day last week. I had the classic signs of a cold: runny nose, sore throat and a general unwell feeling. However, I had a busy day that day and moving things around to fit in a trip to my doctor’s office was simply not possible. That’s where Amwell comes in.

I didn’t have to make an appointment at the doctor’s office, deal with traffic & parking and then wait in a waiting room for an hour or more. The Amwell app makes it possible to have a quick, easy Urgent Care consultation with a physician from home. Live, on-demand doctor’s visits have never been easier!

It was such a convenient process. Within minutes, I was speaking to a licensed physician who was able to assess my condition and give me reassuring advice. I love that Amwell is available 24/7 so you can be seen whenever you need it. Whether you’re home or on the go, the app is perfect for busy moms – and anyone who values his/her time! By the way, Amwell is appropriate for help with fever, cold/flu, allergies, sinus infections, stomach bugs, travel issues, pediatrics, rashes, UTI, and more. 

How does it work? Start by downloading the Amwell app (you can also have the visit through your computer.) Next sign in & answer a few questions about your condition (you can also input insurance information for a possible discount.) The app then shows you a few available doctors, along with their experience & ratings, so you can choose which one you’d prefer for the consultation. If the doctor determines that a prescription is warranted, it will be sent electronically to the pharmacy of your choice. Thanks to Amwell, I was able to get back to my holiday planning in no time. It really is the perfect complement to in-person care!

If you’d like to experience the convenience and peace of mind offered by Amwell, I have a coupon code for you. Get 50% off a $69 urgent care visit with the coupon code: engineermommy 

You can also click here for the discounted consultation.

In addition to on-demand, affordable urgent care consultations, here are a few other sanity savers for busy moms:

  • Make time for friends.

It’s so important for moms to make time for themselves. I like to keep in contact with my pre-baby friends and schedule time to hang out with them on a regular basis. Having other mom friends is also awesome, because it’s possible to vent to each other about all the tribulations of motherhood – and also relish in all its awesomeness too. 

  • Schedule self-care time regularly. 

Sometimes the best thing in the world is just having some time for myself – time when I don’t need to do anything for anyone. What do I like to do with my “me time”? Sometimes it’s as simple as taking a long hot bath with some candles and a glass of wine. Sometimes it’s treating myself to a manicure & pedicure. Sometimes it’s just watching my favorite show on TV with a big mug of hot chocolate. The simple things are usually the best! If you’re not regularly scheduling some time for yourself, I recommend you start doing so today.

  • Plan your weekday meals.

Meal planning can be really helpful for busy moms who are trying to juggle a lot of different balls in the air at once. By planning your meals, you can streamline dinner prep every night and also make fewer trips to the grocery store. Even if the idea of planning out detailed meals for every day of the week doesn’t appeal to you, try to create a template for the week with typical meals you keep on rotation. Brainstorm ways to use the leftovers so less food goes to waste. Ten minutes of meal planning over the weekend can save a lot of time throughout the week.

  • Become a master of home organization.

When I started organizing my home, life became much easier. One thing that helps me organize our schedule is our command board in the kitchen. I use a magnetic dry erase board to keep track of everyone’s schedules. Activities, play dates and appointments are all listed on the calendar. We also hang important flyers, business cards and school papers on little clips right on the same board. Essentially, this board serves as a central organization station for the whole family. Any of us can consult the board for quick reference on the week’s activities. 

Don’t forget to learn more about Amwell here by clicking here to get a discounted doctor visit. How do you keep your sanity as a mom? Do you have any other tips for busy moms out there?


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