Must-Know Safety Tips for Families

September 12, 2019 20 By EngineerMommy

This is a sponsored post written by me for LifeVac. All opinions are mine alone.

It may sound a bit cliche, but the truth is that once I became a mom, all my priorities changed. The things that used to frustrate me (missing the train or chipping a nail, for example) just don’t matter anymore.

These days, my top priority is keeping my kids safe. Since we spend a lot of time in the house (playing with toys, doing homework, watching movies, etc.), today I’m going to discuss safety tips for the home. 

From ensuring all medicines are locked away to keeping LifeVac on hand, keep reading for all the details.

What is LifeVac? It’s a portable suction device that can be used on a choking victim; it clears an upper airway obstruction. I love that it’s non-powered and non-invasive. Additionally, it has a one-way valve that does not allow any air to enter the upper airway in a downward direction. Since the duration of suction is very short, it’s a safe and effective solution for a choking victim. 

The LifeVac, which is registered with the FDA, comes with an adult mask, a pediatric mask and a practice mask. There is no prescription required to purchase one and over 50,000 orders have already been filled. Impressively, LifeVac has been credited with saving 20+ lives. Wow, this is a must-have item for every parent. There is a Home Kit, a Travel Kit and a Combo Kit available for purchase. 

The Combo Kit includes one complete LifeVac Home Kit (One-Way Valve System, one adult mask, one pediatric mask, one practice mask and instructions on how to use the LifeVac) plus one complete LifeVac Travel Kit (One-Way Valve System, one Adult mask, one pediatric mask.) To learn more about the company, check them out on their website here.  Get 10% off your entire order when you use coupon code: ch10

For more details on how this device works, watch the video below and be sure to share with your friends & family.

Here are some additional safety points to keep in mind: 

  1. Overloaded outlets: Avoid using every outlet in a given area and never use multiple extension cords to add power to a single outlet.
  2. Child-proof outlets: If you have young children in the home that may be tempted to stick a toy (or finger) into an outlet, install covered electrical outlets that completely conceal all openings.
  3. Cords under rugs: Never run electrical cords along the floor (even if they’re under a rug.) These pose both a tripping & electrical hazard.
  4. Smoke / carbon monoxide detectors: Install dual alarms for smoke & carbon monoxide throughout your home. Check the building code in your area to ensure compliance with local regulations.
  5. Security system: Invest in a security system to keep your home protected from burglary and invasion. These systems will generally notify law enforcement automatically if a break-in is detected.
  6. Chemicals: Secure all chemicals, medicines and cleaning supplies inside locked cabinets to protect them from curious little hands.
  7. Windows: If you live on a higher floor, securely install guards that prevent windows from opening more than a few inches. 

Don’t forget to learn more about LifeVac here and see why this is a must-have item for every parent this year. Did I miss any other important tips to keep kids safe at home? 

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